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House of Chaos

i haven't been around in soooooooooooooo long, i feel i should introduce myself again!  But seriously, folks!  There has been such a lot going on, i've barely had chance to draw breath.

i'm starting to get stressed again with agreeing to take over the Chair of my Housing Committee; otherwise we'll just meander and have our faces ground into the dirt by our lovely local Council!  It will probably all come to nothing as TPTB seem bound and determined to edge us out and try and shut us down, financially at least.  They can't actually shut us down as we are a company but the Council is our main funding source.
i'm also facing a management committee that is old and not wanting to do very much.  Two or three of them will be leaving shortly, which may leave me with no quorum, effectively strangling us from the inside.  If i can't find more people to join the committee, we will be forced to stop and if we don't get full funding, we will loose the office and the staff, totally knackering us!
On the personal side, i'm coping with the type 2 diabetes and the weird feeling on the soles of my feet [mostly], the now managed cholesterol, controlling the hypertension and my temper with it!  Or trying to at least!
Rarely does my horoscope even vaguely ring true, so get this, for this week - "Tempting as it is to plunge into new arrangements, take this week to think things through.  First, it would appear certain elements of the past must go.  Leave these until later and they'll resurface at exactly the wrong moment.  Of as much significance, any pivotal decisions should wait until after Thursday's move by Mars into Sagittarius, which marks the start of a six-week cycle of personal review.  Only after that should you make lasting commitments."
When i think of my life this week, that's really weird.  So much happening old/new with the proposed changes to the council housing stuff and then being offered a flat on Wednesday!  Which i accepted the following day when i'd had chance to mull it over, subject to alterations being done that i've asked for.  The funny bit is not reading the horoscope until yesterday evening!

You may remember that my Sheltered Scheme where i live is being demolished in March next year and being rebuilt into updated housing that meets the minimum regulations; we don't currently.  It'll probably be half Council housing and half private to help with the costs.  We waited forever to get our notice to move and it finally came through on 30th September.  This means those of us who waited will get the Home Loss payment, which is worth having!  The Scheme is over half empty now and various of us have found another flat and are now waiting for the refurbishment and clean-up to start/finish, following the previous tenant's departure.
i'm moving less than a mile away, so staying the area that i want [most of us wanted that, which has made finding us all somewhere a little harder for Sue Fitz, brilliant woman, but she will manage i have no doubt].  Anyway, this hopefully will enable me to keep my phone number. What is nice is the Council will pay the moving charges, including any telephone, redirection order or necessary charges connected with it.  i'm closer to the bus stop, about half the walk i have now but i will be getting a mobility scooter anyway.
The offered ground-floor flat [natch!] is in Romsey Mews [a cul-de-sac], off Mill Road in the area where i want to stay.  It's the furthest one from the road and was very quiet at 4pm.  It will work well if anyone needs to to leave a parcel if i'm out, nobody would see it, even if you walked into the little garden area, as it has it's own gate and a small undercover area by the front door not immediately visible.  There's room for a mobility scooter [which i'm planning to buy with some of my Home Loss money] and it's completely secure, as you cannot walk round the end of the building, on account of a large fence. 
Inside, it has one roomy bedroom, a good sized lounge, decent kitchen & wet-room bathroom [very handy], all off an L-shaped hall. There's an airing cupboard and an odd long, storage cupboard in the long part of the hallway from the front door.  It ticks so many of the boxes, i prepared to forgive it's shortcomings, not that there are that many.
It's recently had a new boiler put in and new radiators and that oddly enough is one thing i don't like, as all the pipework is left out and uncovered, most unsightly.  But not surprising as the whole place is all stone walls [well, cement breeze blocks], so unless you box it all in, there's nowhere to hide it.  Fortunately, most of it is in the kitchen.
The ceilings are low but are a little higher than here, i think.  i'll have to see it again to be sure, just one viewing isn't really enough to get all the details, but i have enough i think to make a decision.
It also doesn't get any more direct sun than here, though it is light enough. None or very little in the morning in the kitchen i'm guessing, but i'll get some sun in the afternoon on the bedroom & lounge, but due to the shrubs & trees, that won't last long.  It should keep it cool in summer and due to the stonework, should warm up well and keep it in winter.
At least i am still looking out at grass and trees, though not as lovely as here.  The shrubs could do with a trim actually, but there is a Cat-Flap! in the door out of the lounge into the garden, so i really could have kitties here.  When i'm settled in that is and life returns to what passes for normal!
We've asked that the shelves and the cat-flap in the lounge be left in;  Sue said to the man, 'leave them in, this lady has a library!'  Also the curtain rods in the lounge.  No stove or washing machine; boo sucks.  Not uncommon for them to be missing in stock council housing [as opposed to the Sheltered Scheme i'm in now], from what i have seen as a Tenant Inspector doing Voids.  It will be tight on finance though as my money is tied up for a while and i wouldn't get my Home Loss money until about a month after i move in - awkward but i will manage, somehow.  i know Sue will try her best to speed everything up but even she can't make the money man work any faster!
i've just paid out on the Vampire Ball Con ticket, hotel room for two nights and transportation and picked up a nice little second-hand Canon Powershot S5 on EBay [truth be told, i didn't think i'd get it but i did!], so credit card is maxed for now.  There will be a little money in early November but i'll have to see how it goes, as i was planning to use some of that money for London expenses - little things, like eating...
After checking out all the electrics, the basic redecorating should be repairing the flaking old plaster & paintwork on some of the walls and ceilings - yes, all stone - then painting it white throughout, i'm sick of magnolia!  i've requested all the carpets be ripped out and although i won't get the wood i'd like, i hope to get some decent lino.  i want to paint the lounge a pale blue and probably the bedroom too, but in a super-pale mossy green, very ssoooothing... :)
The kitchen will need some attention to make it work and i need part of the counter-top cutting back near the door to get my fridge in. There is space under one of the worktops but i always raise the fridge so i don't have to bend double to reach the bottom]  i will be able to buy a washing machine & dryer on my home shopping account, which will help, until i get my moving money and can slap some cash on it. 
i can get a cooker too but it is problematic.  Biggest problem is the gas supply.  It will need to be put in/on by the Council [will pick up the tab for that, as they want me to move, not the other way around].  Sue says the central heating being gas, it should be easily do-able and that it will take about 2 weeks to get done. The biggest part of this problem is trying to figure out the appropriate stove, which could be a problem, due to some new Health & Safety guff about gas stoves needing new safety features??  WTF...what if i can't find one?  Anyway, i'll cross that bridge when i come to it.

*On the news last night - kitchen refurbishment gas leak explosion flattening 4 houses!!!*  Oh that really makes me feel better, not!!  How timely...
Well, if it all goes as planned and when all's signed & sealed and we're good to go, we have the actual moving - with all the attendant headaches that that brings!  Permission for the Sky dish on the side of the flat [there already is one on one flat two doors down, precedence and Sue will move it through], moving all the utilities and that fun stuff.  What is good is having help with it all by a seasoned 'mover' who knows the Council system well and has my best interest at heart, not theirs! Having said all that, i guess i'll keep my fingers crossed that it DOES all happen to plan...  *iz hopeful but shakes head*
i will have my new cream sofa bed, which is really nice and a little oak drop-leaf table to eat off...and lots more room.  Can't wait!
i've started packing and my flat looks like a warehouse that's been struck by a bomb... oh joy but it'll be worth it in the end.  My back is knackered after doing two bookcases and shifting out half the stuff under the bed at that side [so i can stack the boxes there] but still most of the flat to do.  i've packed most of the DVDs & CDs and all but three of my pictures are down, looking bit bare. Need to sort clothes too and see what i can throw out.  i'll buy a wardrobe when i get into the new place but not yet, need to live with it to see what i need.

There are of course, dozens of other things happening at the same time as all of the above, meetings for other committees, couple of morning seminars, a marketing course over in St Neots, and like that.  My reading is suffering and i haven't read last Sunday's paper yet - it's Wednesday!  i've spent so much time responding to and writing emails, checking references and info on the web and making notes for meetings and so on, i fall into bed 2.00-2.30am and fall asleep about 30 mins later if i'm lucky.  i rarely get up before 9.30am, later if insomnia strikes, so my days are a bit cockeyed.  Weekends i may not get up until 11am or later, depending on how much catching up i do.
Today is a 'free' day, no appointments or whatever.  i need to do washing, pack a LOT more and start writing what i need to say for next weeks Big Meeting.  And maybe read the last two weeks Time magazines, that elusive paper and my Vogues!!  Will i get it all done?  Probably not but i'll try!   Yikes!! It's nearly 1.15pm, gotta get cracking again!
Oh, love the revolving mirror/shelving unit shown below, so clever! And the honey on the face photo...Wonder what that says about me??

Have a safe and healthy week, people!


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Nov. 3rd, 2010 06:37 pm (UTC)
It doesn't seem that long since you moved last time (or have I got that wrong?).

Good luck with it all!
Nov. 3rd, 2010 11:00 pm (UTC)
lol it's actually 2 1/2 years ago... tempis fugit, baby!

Edited at 2010-11-03 11:01 pm (UTC)
Nov. 11th, 2010 03:24 pm (UTC)
It's all very exciting. :)I wish you lived up this neck of the woods, you could buy my Mum's scooter for next to nothing, she's bought a monster one, she just had to have it! Doesn't even have go faster stripes so why she needed it I'll never know. I was tested for diabetes but have just scraped through thank goodness, got 'acceptable' and I put it down to staying on the Atkins instead of messing about with my food intake and pigging out...
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