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Latest mem.. Reflect on the year

001. Real Name →  Jill
002. Nickname[s]→  Bertha [once] - online user names: Lovejames, TrulyDelicious27
003. ? How tall are you? perhaps :  5'7"
004. Male or female → Still female...
005. Elementary school → Miss Mitchell's in Malaya - can't remember name
006. Middle school →  St Francis of Assisi, Aden
007. High School →  St Francis too, took GCEs there
008. Hair Colour →  Surfer blond until 20, then very strange dark blond, now going silver
009. Long Or Short → just above shoulders
010. Loud Or Quiet → what, hair??  *snorts* mostly quiet

011. Sweats Or Jeans → Jeans
012. Phone Or Camera → Camera
013. Health Freak → Nah...  though i cut down on sugar & caffeine 
014. Drink Or Smoke? →  Drink, sometimes
015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone? → Not now
016. Eat Or Drink? → Well, yeah....
017. Piercings? → Just my ears
018. Tattoos? → yes, four, on arms & chest - Sagittarius, Dragon, Chinese symbols & Elvish 

019. An Aeroplane → Yes, many times
020. A Car Accident → Yes, car drove into my motorbike front wheel, knocking me down and throwing my pillion across the road [both blooded & bruised but okay]
021. A Fist Fight → I'll take the 5th...

022. First Piercing → and only one, Ears
023. First Best Friend → don't remember
025. First Award →  Didn't win awards [only prizes at fair]
026. First Crush →  i remember him but not his name [Roger?] - i was nine
028. First Big Vacation → not first but longest, 2 weeks in China [Beijing, Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Shanghai, Guangzhou & Hong Kong]

029. Last Person You Talked To → shop assistant
030. Last Person You Texted → friends, wishing Happy New Year
031. Last Person You Watched A Movie With → mostly on my own
032. Last Food You Ate → fresh ripe Blush pear with hot custard & a splash of cream! 
033. Last Movie You Watched → part of Edward Norton's 'Incredible Hulk' - only for Tim Roth!
034. Last Song You listened To → Patricia Rahman's 'Walk with Me' 
035. Last Thing You Bought → Sunday newspapers & pizza
036. Last Person You Hugged → friends at Christmas party

037. Food → Chinese, Indian, Italian, Seafood and 2" fillet steak
038. Drinks → Water, real coffee, decaf Earl Gray 
039. Clothing → t-shirts with glitzy decals, trousers & jeans with some stretch
040. Book → crime, sci-fi & fantasy  
041. Music → too catholic to call, most except modern jazz, punk or muzak
042. Flower → orchids, scented roses, freesias & green spider chrysanthemums
043. Colours → blues, crimson, black
044. Movies → sci-fi & fantasy, crime - anything with Rutger Hauer, Tim Roth, Steve McQueen 
045. Shoes → only mule types now; nothing that constricts ankle
046. Subjects → books, computers, jewelery

047. Cut down on volunteer involvement
048. Moved home on December 1st
049. Went for angioplasty testing at Papworth Hospital
050. Became a Type 2 diabetic, oh joy...
051. Bought a mobility scooter
052. Went to the Vampire Ball to see Christian Kane
053. Had my DLA increased due to disability
054. Put in a lot of reading time for volunteer services
055. Was voted Chair on another committee!
056. Bought a new second-hand camera on Ebay
057. Installed Skype for overseas calls
058. Started taking hypertension tablets
059. Gave a bunch of goods to charity shop
060. Played Santa for a friend
061. Bought a new 32" TV ready for digital
062. Went to cinema several times on 'free' Tesco tickets
063. Lost & gained weight!
064. Put the central heating on before Christmas!
065. Went to see my annual January treat, Cirque du Soleil & booked next one
066. Went to James Marsters' "Love Hearts" weekend in February

067. Easting →  What's that, a cross between eating & feasting?
068. Drinking → Coffee
069. Getting Ready To →  Go out for Sunday papers
070. Listening To →  News on TV
071. Today →  Weather lighter but due to be cold, might get dressed today!
072. Waiting For → The holidays to end, so i can get things sorted

073. Want Kids? →  Never
074. Want To Get Married? →  No, not really
075. Careers in mind →  Been there, done that, retired 

076. Lips Or Eyes → Silly question, both 
077. Shorter Or Taller? → Taller than me
078. Romantic Or Spontaneous → Both
079. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms →  Arms, great hands
080. Sensitive Or Loud →  Somewhere in the middle
081. Hookup Or Relationship →  What, sex or regular sex??
082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant →  Silly question again

083. Lost Glasses/Contacts → Not lost but broken glasses 
084. Ran Away From Home → No
085. Held A Weapon, For Self Defence → No
086. Killed Somebody → No
087. Broken Someone's Heart →  Maybe... 
088. Been Arrested → Never
089. Been pregnant??  No

090. Yourself →  You have to, to survive
091. Miracles →  Not the religious kind
092. Love At First Sight → Yes
093. Heaven →  No
094. Santa Claus →  Never have
095. Sex On The Date →  Certainly not the first one, unless it's just for sex
096. Kiss →  Believe in kissing? what a daft question!

097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now? →  Not just one
098. Would you go back and change anything?  Yes, several things
099. Do You Believe In God →  No
100. Are you happy? [my question]:  Pretty much
There were some five/six missing numbers, so i filled in...



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Jan. 3rd, 2011 04:32 am (UTC)
Happy 2011 :-) I hope I get to visit you at some point during it. If not there is always 2012 and the olympics. I need a big lottery win. LOL.
Jan. 3rd, 2011 01:38 pm (UTC)
Happy New Year!!
Hi sweetie! And the best of the New Year to you! It would be great to see you at any time.
My sofa bed awaits you; i bought it specially with you in mind! i'm hoping you will come for the Olympics and i'm keeping an eye on what's happening so far. The good thing about Cambridge is that it's only 45 minutes by train to London. So even if it's only as a base, leave your main gear here and maybe stay overnight in a B&B if days run concurrent, that sorta stuff; i'll handle all the details here and check out what's happening where. It WILL pay to be fore-thinking and well in advance, so Start Saving Now!
*mucho smoochos*
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