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Sunday 30th January, 2011

 I’d been at home for nearly three days, so about 3pm, I went into the city to pick up the library books I’d ordered and to see if I could pick up some cheap eyelash curlers [electric ones?? You gotta be kidding!] – Torquemada would have loved them! 

Our buses have a distinct Noah’s Arc complex these days and it’s most frustrating to see them going by in clumps, on the opposite side of the road, while you wait, and wait!  But like all things, one does eventually come along in it’s own good time!


What is it about foreigners and buses on Saturdays?  On the way into city central, some Oriental nong opened the bus backdoor while it was moving, can you believe it?  I thought the bus driver was going to have apoplexy, shouting ‘SHUT THAT DOOR IMMEDIATELY! You are committing a dangerous act!’   We stopped at traffic lights and he got out of his seat and roared at them, ‘Off the bus at the next stop!’  which lucky for them was the central stop. He was very lucky not to have been put off right there [but it is actually illegal for buses to let passengers alight at traffic lights].

And then coming home, couple with pram got on [baby was in a backpack on Papa’s back] and this French twat actually asked me if I’d like to sit ‘over there’ on the other side of the bus [to accommodate them!] – bloody cheek!  I said no, not particularly, with a look that would have withered fruit on the vine.  He looked slightly disconcerted. Tough, world don’t revolve around you, matey. Neither of them bothered to read the sign saying the buggy was to go on the side where they wanted me to move – but an elderly lady told them about it.  I wasn’t impressed when he stepped on my foot either, not that he noticed – how typical!

I love that my central Library notifies me by email that the books I’ve requested are ready to be picked up; saves me from having the heave the body around trying to find what I want over three floor.  Sounds lazy?  Next time you have to stand for hours, think about people who find standing for more than 15 minutes painful and walking round said library or a supermarket difficult [which combines a fair bit of waiting at tills too].    It’s a shame though, I used to love wandering around libraries.  Our Central Library has a café on the top floor, that’s open all day; they sell different things at different times if you want something fresh, but you can always get coffees & tea and there’s an open drink & ready-made sandwich cabinet.  They do nice lunches and afternoon teas with scones or cakes too.

There’s a lot more things that are getting better for the disabled, finally.  Though they still need to get wonky pavement slabs and too high curbs sorted. But Goddess bless home deliveries!  You can order online, which helps avoid impulse buys, get exactly what you want delivered on the day you want, in a two-hour window of your choice – could it be more easy?  You do have to watch the pickers sometimes, when you get one that wants to get rid of the bread that is borderline sell-by-date… But on the whole, I love it.  I even love the crazy picker I had last time who sent me a bottle of soya sauce, instead of a tin of coconut milk!  The driver and I laughed a lot over that one and of course, he took it back to be refunded.  Tesco is my company of choice and they always refund within two or three days.

It’s kinda been that sort of week… I’m given vital information nearly two weeks late, nobody wants to get off their fat post-Christmas ass, and heaven forbid any of the public works start being done again.  I’m still waiting for a missing window draft excluder, that makes long-time sitting at the computer a race to finish what you want to do or get feet like blocks of ice…seriously.

There’s still silly things to laugh at luckily and I was browsing in my local Italian deli, Limoncello, lovely place, about a week ago.  The guy was talking to what I presume was a carpenter or the like and wanted something doing with one of the shelves – he was trying to explain in Italian what he wanted doing and suddenly said, ‘oh, como si ditche – ‘hole’?!  [forgive my spelling!]  And I just cracked up, it was so incongruous – ‘how do you say – hole?’ and I said to him, I just love that and he laughed too.  It was just glorious and still makes me smile.

I’ve still a lot to do getting the flat finished but I now have two wardrobes. *iz in love with new cordless screwdriver!*  I ran out of coathangers – when I think of the dozens I threw away…but it great to have things hanging up properly and not in suitcases under the bed – I even have sheets & pillowcases in a hall cupboard, that used to house the old boiler, now in the kitchen. 

There’s a down-side to moving the boiler, inevitably, as the new one is one of those heat-the-water-as-you-need-it ones.  All well and good for economy etc but it means that you can only have a finite water pressure.  ‘Ah’, I hear you cry, ‘you mentioned that before about the water pressure’, and yes, indeed I did.  I rang Mira who’s shower unit currently graces my bathroom, to ask if there was another unit that would help boost my shower pressure, one of their Power Showers perhaps.  Alas, this is not to be as nothing will increase the pressure with that boiler.  Thanks for the new boiler, guys, but bloody well check next time will yah????????????  I’m now doomed to this pissant shower for the rest of the time I live here.

Sounds carping perhaps in this nice wet-room, but add that to the floor that slopes away from the shower towards the door, creating a super little lake if you’re not careful and use the three-sided glass & metal screen [which is the wrong size! And it’s heavy, someone in a wheelchair could not possibly manhandle everytime they wanted to use it].  Oh, and there’s neatly boxed in plumbing under the shower unit, that has a flat-top shelf that tilts slightly towards the sink, making a nifty little gully for pour water onto said sloping floor to add to the nifty lake…  You have to put something heavy to hold the shower curtain down tight to the wall to prevent the water escaping.  Apart from that, it’s great! Fabulous! And, she said with gritted teeth, I will get used to it!  Even using two shower curtains… because one isn’t long enough…  *sighs*

 It’s all roundabouts and swings, baby!  When I’m finished, it’s going to be nice, even with the bathroom.  When [stop laughing!] I get the garden finished, it really will be nice and hopefully, I will be welcoming kitties before that… I must check out the cat-flap soon, see what needs doing to it; bound to be something!  J

 I’m torn between going for breed kittens and/or seeing what my local Blue Cross rescue centre have available.  Only they tend to specialise in cats that need re-homing due to owners dying or moving overseas and most of whom are not young any more.  I really do want kittens, who aren’t going to die on me sometime soon, or will have to get used to a whole new world, y’know?  Guess that’s selfish of me and it would make me feel guilty, if I didn’t know that taking on other people’s pets is fraught with pitfalls.  I did try it once and it didn’t work.  It was like living with a really dumb blonde, who would look at you vacantly and had the personality of cardboard.

It would be so nice to get up to furry friends again.  They’re wonderful company when inclined.  That suits me, which is why I like cats, who have minds of their own and like fur piles to sleep.  My family nearly always had two at a time, so they are company for each other when they’re young and not so young too – I don’t mind them sleeping on the bed, they’re nice and clean and there’s plenty of room, which I could never do with a dog.  Ugh.  Never understand the lure of dirty, smelly dogs [even if you do wash them regularly], eat-anything and I do mean anything!  I know some love them, have friends who consider them part of the family, that sorta thing…they might change their minds if faithful pooch kills the neighbour cats or bites the kids…  Never happen?  Go read the newspapers.  I tolerate working dogs; farm dogs, seeing-eye or hearing dogs but pets? Not on your nelly!

How did this turn into a rant about dogs?  Oh well.  I must get my hair cut soon, it’s getting long again.  It’s still a weird colour, getting more silver every day…

 I’ve been watching the European Ice Skating championships – they’ve had some great coverage this year – but zilch on the damn Winter Olympics last year.  I’ll never understand British Eurosport.  They are promising to cover the World Ice Skating later this year at least.  *grumbles* 

I guess I’d have to subscribe to one of the major Sports channels to get Olympics.  I want to see some of the 2012 London events – gymnastics, swimming, diving, some of the athletics and a couple of days equestrian if I can fit it all in.  Ginger is planning on coming over for the first part if she can, to do the Opening Ceremonies.  Damn, but it ain’t cheap! 
I’m going to have to sit down with the agenda soon and work out what I can go see, so I don’t overlap on what I mustn’t miss and so on.  Tickets start going on sale in March.

I’m rabbiting on again… i tried this new security lot Kaspersky on my current computer - and it is CRAP.  HATES my system, slowed everything down to nothing and then jammed.  It even jammed itself! And it was the devil's own job to try and uninstall it!!  Did eventually but took me most of a day.  i just went back to AVG and renewed it for another year.  i have bought a new PC and will install Window 7 on it [and maybe the dreaded Kaspersky again] - it is supposed to work well with bits of your XP too.

Love the idea of this picture of what to do with your odd socks, but most people’s aren’t that interesting.  Guess you could gussy up the old man’s odd grey socks with some bright ribbons!  I really don’t have that problem as I only really wear socks in winter; don’t wear a lot of lace-up shoes anymore.  The other pic is the style of my wardrobes, not bad, eh?  Mine fits better at the bottom...  Chinese New Year soon - Year of the Rabbit... wonder what that will portend?  Take care, guys!