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Barnabus Caprica outfit

i haven't been in for a while it's true... kinda busy with...stuff.
i had a mad moment and put a bid in EBay for the second of James' "Caprica" outfits, not dreaming i'd get it but as fate sometimes sniggers at my expense, i actually got it.  i wasn't interested in all of it, just the tatty brown jacket - this one.  It came with this shirt but a different undershirt, and the jeans.

Anyway, i decided to sell off the shirts and the jeans and that's going pretty well, think the shirts have gone but still have the jeans on offer.  They are size 36, brown with Barnabus written on the waist label.  i'll give you  a copy of the authenticity certificate, guaranteeing they were worn by James in the scene above.
i'm restricting this to my F-list, UK & Europe first, so
if you are interested, make me an offer.