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And that was that...

Well i went and waved a metaphorical flag at the small street party mine put on.  i made some salmon mayonnaise vol-au-vents and took a bottle of sparkling rose i had lying around.  Both were well received but it was a real mixed bag, as most of those that came didn't talk much to other people.  The food wasn't bad at all but some still insist on bringing egg sandwiches!  The best selection was the dessert table and i had an illicit slice of baked cheesecake, that was delicious.
One late coming group not only brought their own food, refusing to share any, [except one tin of something when they had finished with it! 'We can't manage this...' he said.  Unbelievable], but sat together and pretty much ignored the rest of us.  i had to wonder why they came at all...  i don't think anyone even went to look at the tin, while i was there.
i had made the effort to come and talked to the table of two i joined, although it was like pulling teeth but they were pleasant enough.  One of the organisers came and sat with us and couple of women joined with us after we ate. Some of another table just gave us odd looks.  No, i have no idea why, but after a couple of hours, i'd had enough.  i made polite noises and beat it.
i think there may have been some celebration in the centre of the town but i couldn't be bothered to go look by then and the World Ice Skating championships were on soon...  :)
i remember watching our new Duchess of Cambridge standing at the top of the Abbey steps, with her brand new husband and wishing her a life filled with moments as happy as these

p.s.  Doesn't anyone else think that wearing your would-have-been dead Mother-in-Law's engagement ring is bloody creepy?  i'm sure William is as recycling keen as anyone but that has always struck me as being VERY odd.  i'm damn sure i wouldn't have had a bar of it, even though that sapphire is choice.  If it had been remodeled without the diamonds?  Nah, not even then...


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Apr. 30th, 2011 10:16 pm (UTC)
There is no way I'd let that ring anywhere near me. The marriage was awful and she died horribly. No thanks!
May. 2nd, 2011 11:19 am (UTC)
At least she wasn't wearing the damn thing when she died. You'd think Kate would have nothing to do with anything connected with that dreadful shambles of a marriage, wouldn't you? She can't be superstitious and must have strong nerves
May. 2nd, 2011 04:22 am (UTC)
I didn't get up at an ungodly hour of the morning and watch the wedding live. However, I did see the highlights that night. It was nice seeing happy news. They are adorable and appear to actually love each other.

After the horrible weather that hit my home state, it was good to see happy news. Luckily all my family and friends are fine. Some are without power, but no one lost their lives or their homes. It was by the grace of God and Mother Nature that the tornado missed my friends. My family all live a couple of hours south of the path of destruction. But I had friends who just got lucky.
May. 2nd, 2011 11:25 am (UTC)
It really is nice to have happy news, isn't it? They gave the country the day off too, so double happy.

i'm so glad you are okay and your friends & family are too. i saw some footage of the tornadoes and man, were they BIG! That town in Alabama that Obama visited had a huge one go through and flattened everything in it's path down to the ground. Simply awful. i couldn't imagine loosing everything; it's dreadful.

Take care, my love! Not long till August now - you are still coming, family problems permitting?
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