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In a reflective Monday mood...

i've just been reading some online comments and i drifted into thinking about a whole load of 'stuff', as you do!  After a fairly hectic week dashing about, it's been a relaxing weekend.

i got thinking about just how damn difficult it is to loose weight and how most dieticians are stick-thin...and trying to do it in the diabetic framework, that won't make your clinic nurse have kittens [a high protein diet works best for me but makes her cringe].  It ain't easy.  i've got a beer-gut without drinking beer!

How some memories are as vivid as the day they happened, even 30-35 years ago and how a friend can remember doing something with you that you no longer remember - that's weird, let me tell you.  You know it's true but it's simply not there in your memory bank.

And i was thinking how some friends leave their sweetness with you long after they've gone and how you'd like to see more of them, which may not be possible due to the sheer distance you are apart.  i look forward to the meetings, more than whatever we do, whether it is sharing a meal or an event
together; it doesn't really matter.  Just to be with them heals my bitter soul and they make me a better person by reminding me there are good people in the world and even some - strange and amazing as it may seem - who love me.  And just because i'm me.  Not for what i can do for them or for what i can provide.  They are rare and precious to me and i would go a long way to keeping them.

i'm looking out of the door into the back garden and i've pulled the curtain aside so i can see out more clearly.  It's still trying to rain but only managing the lightest of sprinkling so far...  i'm trying to encourage it to rain 'properly' and ease the baked hard earth and my browning grass.  We could do with a good weeks worth really.  It's so overcast, i've put a light on, even though it's only just after 4pm.  Ah, now it has become a steady medium-light rain...only light wind presently, so it's falling straight down.  Keep going, please don't stop now!

There is something magical about rain.  i can watch it for hours.  i love any water really from ponds to rivers and of course, waterfalls - and i'm a Fire sign, go figure!  Oh, i know many English, and others too of course, don't like rain and bewail the wet and the dark grey clouds but it is so vital to us.  i love the way it suddenly gets cooler just before it rains and that damp earth smell that is so lovely.  i love the sound of rain pattering on leaves and flagstones and that sudden drumming rush of when it really starts to come down.  i love the puddles that take time to soak into the hard ground and the rushing sound of it running in the gutters.  And for those with roofs that make noise, how it booms on tin and wood...  
i'd grow tired of it if it lasted for months on end, i guess, but it never does and even in winter when the world is darkest, we have sunny breaks and fine weather to balance it all.  i've lived in countries that have monsoon rains with lush jungles and those where there is very little rain at all and have desert climates.  Aden had rain maybe two or three times a year; yes, per year.  The ground was so hard that as soon as it stopped and the hot sun came out again, it was a race between the water soaking into the ground and being evaporated.  If you wanted a garden, you had to water it every night and the rich red, volcanic soil would grow almost anything.  Bore water, of course, or reclaimed sea water.

Holiday Mondays make the whole week a day late, rubbish collections and such like.  i'll have to put my subscription into the doctors and by-pass my usual leaving it at the chemists for them to do it, as i need 48 hours for it to fill that way and i only have four Simvastin left [for hypertension].  Y'all better off for me sharing that little piece of information, aren't you?!  All part of life's rich tapestry... *grins*

i had hoped this long weekend would encourage me to get on and sew my new living room curtains but in spite of a whole 3 days with very little interruption, i never seem to have enough time!  It's a Catch 22 really as i rarely go to bed early enough to get up early in the morning and let's face it, i'm the world's worst prevaricator.  i know i have lots of time, so i indulge my lazy self and put it off - again...  Then i have a spurt of 'doing' - this weekend it has been domestic, with washing, tidying up my bedroom, descaling the kettle, sorting the last lot of pills into medicine bottles [i hate bubble wrapped pills and pop them all out into my screw-topped bottles], getting caught up on some needed computer work and so on.  Time fugits furiously, doncha think?!

i have a list of what i need and want to do - like put up a 'floating' shelf, make those curtains [and one for the bedroom], catch up on my 5-year diary [i'm only a year behind!] and paint all the wood doors [seven of them].
i've put off washing the floors as i want to sand down the doors, before painting them with undercoat etc - i've got as far as buying the sandpaper, block and little face mask and some new brushes. 
i shall have a new name soon, Madam Incredibly Lazy...MILLY for short.  Need to get off arse and DO all this stuff!
*sighs*  And i have a stack of new books i want to read, before the next of my magazines arrive...  *sighs again*

i finally had work done on my ingrowing toenail last week and they removed an offending slice of it, rather than take the whole nail.  That'll be interesting to see if it grows back.  i'm hoping to be in the 96 percentile where it doesn't, as i HATE needles.  Give the girl her due, she was pretty good but sticking a needle in the back of anyone's toe isn't pleasant - took 4 shots.  At least it was all done quickly and with a tourniquet, there's a minimum of fuss or blood [saw none].  Now all i have to do is get rid of this ridiculously big bandage on my toe.  It really should have come off yesterday but they want me to leave it on until i go to the local clinic in a couple of days.  Hope they won't have to soak it off; i heal pretty fast.  At least they won't have to go digging for grown-in stitches again!  That hurts.

Well, it's after five now and i'm off to make a cup of tea and shut a couple of windows, it's getting chilly.  Chilly Jilly...  :)

Take care all

Isn't she beautiful?