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Must be summer - y'think?

i went into town on my scooter last Saturday to enjoy some time out and when i got to Parker's Piece [one of several Pieces or little parks in Cambridge], i could see immediately a good portion of it was laid for a fair.  A lot of the usual rides for kids, stalls selling a range of goods, stalls promoting various causes and organisations etc.  First up, to my delight, was a series of steam traction engines, all snorting away importantly and blowing out puffs of smoke and steam in equal quantities!  Naturally i paused with my trusty camera and said 'howdy do'.  They had some really big ones, smaller ones and a tiny one that they let kids have a ride on; i love that and always want to go myself.  Love little railways too.
It took me a while to negotiate the crowds and get up onto St Andrews Street - equally crowded - well, i will go in on a Saturday, won't i??  You can go in on a week day and only see people in small bunches, sunning themselves or playing with the kids.  The schoolkids play sports there too, football and cricket.
i eventually got up to the Lionyard and was able to move a little more freely, though it was pretty packed too.  The sun always brings out the crowds.
i knew there was a sale on at Pia's [ one of my favourite jewellery stores] and sure enough i saw a couple i really liked reduced to a very tempting level - yes, dear readers, i succumbed!  Outside the shop there was a very interesting little temporary shop/stall set up with those little Turkish fish that nibble on your feet.  Nice girl told me it was £1 per minute [minimum 5 mins], up to 15-20 minutes, depending i guess on how hoary your tootsies are!  i asked if i could take a couple of pictures and she had no objections, nor did the two girls with their feet in the tanks.  Well, their faces weren't going to be in the shots exactly, so no harm.
i wished i didn't have bandage on my big toe still [had part of ingrowing toe-nail removed a week or so back] as i quite fancied the little fishes...  bet they tickle!
i dragged myself away and had a tootle round the market, taking photos as i went and enjoying the noise and the fresh air.  i bought a little lemon cake for £4.50 from the Caribbean man's stall, a very tempting array of sweet and savoury - wish i hadn't as it was pretty dry and had me wondering if the cook had run out of sugar and lemons at the same time as the eggs or if they like it like that in the Caribbean.  Remind me not to go and find out at any time.
Anyway, i decided to beat a retreat as i tired of steering round aimless wanderers and headed back through Parker's Piece.  i armed myself with an ice-cream and made my way back through the crowds.  i was tempted to have a look at some of the stalls set back from the path but restrained myself, even though the ground is pretty hard still - my scooter doesn't like grass apparently and i'm not game to try it.

i decided to put my pictures up on Pbase and Flickr if you want to see my day - they're nothin' special, just a day out and getting used to the Canon... *waves at Rosie* 

Hope y'all havin' a nice week so far.  My toe is not as healed as i'd like but that's partially due my circulation and giving it an accidental knock, which don't help... ah me.
i leave you with this picture of Arthur Darvill - i love 'Rory'.   Yes, you do... what planet do you live on again?