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Jilly Updater... August 2011

Okay, this is by way of a filler until i do all the photo-downloading, report writing, figuring out how i make some photos smaller [at more than one-at-a-time] from LFCC - so stupid to have camera on the wrong damn setting and not well-versed enough to fix it without my instruction book!

So, i am pretty well just now [the odd tummy rumble, been eating out at the Cambridge Folk Festival for three days, nothing unusual], keep taking the tablets and trying to remember that i'm not 30 anymore and to do LESS or suffer the consequences and i do mean suffer!

Finally, the conifers have been seen to and gone!  This is what it was before and how it looks now.

You can see the two piles of branches & stuff in front and behind the washing lines, and the branches pointing up at the base of the Hills hoist [as they are called in Aussie!] have to be cut too, but i'll get there.  i'm okay doing pruning standing up for a while but have to restrict the amount of bending etc i do.  Otherwise my back and hips kill me...  N.B.  i reported the
hoists as they don't go up and down and the right one could do some serious damage being on my eye height.  The man came to look at them this morning [got me out of bed!] and says they need to be replaced as they are too badly rusted for him to repair and will report back about them.  It would be nice to get new ones we could all actually use easily - they could do worse than take the ones from Seymour Court...the ones outside my old flat work.

Front garden has had a good haircut too but needs finishing off - there a bump near the wall that is the base of an old cherry tree they took out, but didn't take out the stump. Lazy.  It grows wood mushrooms, which are very odd and as it's not level, it'd be a waste of time trying to lay flagstones over it.  i'm working on having them level it at least, but hopefully some strong-back to dig it out and a couple of the little trees by my gate.  i'm rubbish at ground level stuff. 
Will organised a small work party who got this far in half a day and is looking for a way to do the rest and help with the delivery of sand [which will get dumped out at the roadside, a good 100 ft from my garden gate - might as well be on the moon], grit/pebbles and the flagstones, of course.  i found an old fork but no spade or wheelbarrow.  i told my moving-lady i didn't do gardens and she swiftly glossed over it, saying she was sure something could be arranged...oh yeah?  By whom?  She stopped taking my texts or left, i dunno which.

This is what it looked like with the Niagara of Ivy and one taken today.  Can you see the earth-looking bump in front of the mystery pipe?  That's the old stump - the pipe? We have no idea what it's for; i'm hoping our Champion Will will find time to figure it out before they dig...if/when they dig.

Bit of a difference, yes?  i want to lay concrete slabs across the whole area, with a pebble edging.  i have some garden membrane and a couple of bags of pebbles [for the garden you can't see, to my right] but as you can see i need quite a lot more.  i think it will look nice when it's all done and i just spray a little week killer for anything that gets through the edges.  Yes, it's a pity but as i have said many a time, i just ain't no gardener, honey!  And as i get older and less able, i have to be forward thinking.  If it looks too bare, i could always put a couple of pots out, of course.  Well, we shall see, hein?

Hope your week is going well...inspite of the gross reportage on BP's billions of credit over 3 months, HSBC cutting jobs so severely and all the other crap that floats our way...  i wanna know just who is on OUR side??  It sure as hell isn't this Government...

Still i'm going to see the Guangdong Acrobatic lot do 'Swan Lake' next month and Ginger/Ingrid will be over to see David Ten-Inch do Much Ado - before or after your birthday, petal?  So stuff to look forward to - and 'War Horse' in September, even though it will probably rip my heart out... :D
Take care, me hearties!


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Aug. 2nd, 2011 06:19 pm (UTC)
I liked the ivy...
Aug. 3rd, 2011 08:25 pm (UTC)
i didn't! It was so overgrown, it was growing into the grass and across the scrappy little lawn! Horrid.
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