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Had lunch in town again on a wtf-day.  Yes, i went back to Jamie's; they are so worth it.  i'm slowly working my way through the menu... and being side-tracked by the specials! 
i really love ravioli but i should know better.  Only the hoovers-doovers and standard menu have been good so far - but one was mushroom and the other was crispy-edged [??!!], both nice but...but... i miss the old fashioned, proper, meat raviolis, with a tomato sauce that you need a piece of fresh crusty bread to mop up at the end, y'know what i mean?  Today's poor relation 'Special' was like an hotel pillow, with the tiniest bit of filling and almost flat - and they were only just cooked, could have done with another minute or two - i mean, al dente is one thing, having to have a good chew is quite another.  It was served with 'summer vegetables' [peas, barely singed tiny tomatoes and flecks of carrot and something i couldn't identify] in a dribble of liquid that i used to try and soak the raviolis in it.  i'd have been better off with spaghetti & meatballs...

i wouldn't have minded so much but sadly, i had a quibble with the bruschetta with mushrooms too.  Again, yes, toasted ciabatta is fine but when it is as hard as a brick [i kid you not] and takes very careful biting to avoid damaging your gums, it is not.  i had to eat with my fingers - not a problem, i usually do - if i had tried to cut it, i had visions of bits splintering off like missiles all over the place.  And the tables are pretty close together... *Tonight's headline - Diner under fire from flying bruschetta!*

i told my waiter about the rock-hard bruschetta and he could tell i wasn't that happy about my main course, but shame on him, didn't care or take the time to ask why not.  The lovely lassie who served me last time was on duty nearby and stopped by my table to
say 'hello' and took my finished plate away - that is personal service, people! 
As those who know me can tell you, i'm quite serious about my food and after 60-something years, i have eaten all over the world.  My first Italian restaurants, both run by Franco, were breathtakingly good - in my pre-teen years, i didn't know it then, but every one since has had to measure up to it - and they usually fail.  The only exception was 'Ciba's' in Ripon, until Chef Giuseppe opened his own 'The Bella Rosa' in Knaresborough - bellisimo!  If you get up that way, look him up and give him my best.
'Jamie's' is the only one that comes close to him in England so far.
i guess i can't expect them to be perfect every time - wait a minute, at these prices, yes, i can!
This is the smaller area, looking towards the front door.  i'm sitting half way down at the bar, waiting for my table.  Then i fed the fishes at the Foot Spa on my way home! 

Always wanted to try the cleaner fish - human whale, ahoy!  My fish were the babies and munched away with great gusto.  The bottom picture are the adults and quite a bit bigger, can you see? Some women, and men, let out shrieks and screams, tossers...  It's a cross between ticklish and a painless pins & needles, quite strange really. 
£5 for 5 minutes minimum, £12 for 15 minutes and £15 for 20 minutes.  i went for the 15 minute option.  My feet are very clean now... :)
And so, off home through the market - oooh, shiny!  blue bling heart & almost my favourite blue ring £12 the pair and a really nice clear stone shiny for £2, could not resist that!  Or the toffee crunch ice-cream cone at Parkers Piece... So the day had a nice ending.
Been scorchingly warm today and i got some slight colour on my arms in the sun.  Then as the sun dipped low, it clouded over and we've had a couple of good showers.  We really do need it over here but i'm glad it stayed fine for the Folk Festival.  i'll do a report on that soon, just getting the photos sorted at the moment.
Stay well, my dears!