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i've lost a day somewhere..  must be something to do with the Day of the Dead...

Anyway, it being the Day of the Dead on Wednesday, i put on my sugar skulls necklace & earrings and after picking up my pills from the chemist, went on into town.  i also checked out the denture glue
for my new little one-tooth bridge.  One of my front crowns had started to come loose on a more regular basis and eventually would not go back in as the root split. 
Dentist has done what he can removing said root [yuk] and putting this little denture in until the Dental Clinic can sort it out for me - i look like Dracula's rotting Grandmother without it, gory cavity and all!!  Gotta let it heal. 

i'm to go to the Clinic on 2nd December - day before i go down to London!   James is doing a one-day event on 3rd at St Paul's Church, Covent Garden and quite a few of the girls will be there - should be fun. i need to look reasonably human for the pictures that will be taken. 
James did leave it a bit late, juggling his obligations with doing some filming in France and all the other stuff we only get to hear about in retro; recording audio books, doing an indie film in Utah, arranging his band's new cd release end of this month, etc, etc. 
This resulted in quite a few fans deciding he wasn't coming over this year either [much grumbling as it will be nearly two years since he's been here] and have arranged other things.  After she lived with him for a while, he's married the girlfriend now, so no reason to come over here so often!  Been considerable resentment over that and over the sheer volume of Cons he's been doing in the US; easy money for him to fill the coffers...  He IS putting two kids through college - and his manager has a daughter too; and they are only in it for the money after all.  But it has caused quite considerable resentment in the fans this side of the pond, and i can't really blame them.  At least we aren't in Australia - who did get a visit this year.  They get visited so infrequently, it must be heartbreaking.  Especially as they are actually closer geographically to USA, aeronautically speaking!  It takes less time to fly to Los Angeles from Sydney than from LA to London - i know, i've flown it.

i wanted to check out where the Jolly Scholar eatery was and make sure there was somewhere i could chain up the scooter.  They are putting on a little fashion show for the diners on 23rd this month; you know the sort, where the models walk around among the tables?  Piqued my interest, so i booked.  All worked out fine and there are a couple of metal poles outside i can use.  It is part of the Cambridge Food & Drink festival, the last day i think.  Yes, 16th - 23rd November.

Then i had an early dinner at Jamie's, about half four.  It was the quietest i have ever seen it and it suited
my mood, though it had filled up a lot by the time i left.  i couldn't find - or want to find! - a suitable cemetery to celebrate my dead, so this was a good substitute - bit chilly for that!  i took my time and had Mushroom Frittis [crisply fried BIG mushroom slices with a garlic mayonnaise], followed by my favourite marinaded Chicken [a boned half with rocket and tasty tomato sauce & black olives - seriously delicious] and some Posh Chips [with parmesan & a few drops of truffle oil, also delicious!].  i had a glass of rose with my chook and actually had cappucino and dessert for a change, a really good Chocolate Brownie with seasonal berry compote on top and a tiny scoop of ice-cream to go with it] - am i making you drool yet?? 
It is a super place for a restaurant being a Grade II listed building with a HUGE dome over the main dinning room, part of the old Guildhall - shall i show you pictures?  Couple attached.

The beauty of Jamie's is that they are open from about 12noon and don't close until 11pm, seriously you can eat at 3.30pm if you want.  And they don't chase you out, you pick how long you want to be there.  i was there for a good hour and a half, taking my time.  i have always hoped the spirits can taste what you taste, if you think of them.  Hope mine appreciated it!

So looking forward, i've the dinner/fashion show to look forward to and James' Christmas Do on 3rd December. i'm thinking of heading into the Grafton Centre on the 20th Nov as they are having a Lights-Switch-On day celebration that could be entertaining.  i was also looking for somewhere to have my Christmas dinner; fancy a real one that i haven't cooked.  If i do, i wind up with lots of food left over as it is very difficult to make yourself a Christmas dinner for only one.  i'll check out some of my local pubs to see what they have.
That's about all for this year but i have the Olympics, and attendant visit from Ginger, to look forward to next year.  That should be a lot of fun too.

Well, must go.  My sitting room looks as though it is hosting a demented squirrel and i must clear up, put things away or in order and finish my sewing/mending - and hopefully make those thrice-accursed-curtains! - before i put my little sewing machine away.
Have a great weekend!  Toodles!


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Nov. 5th, 2011 08:12 pm (UTC)
Luv those skulls...have a great weekend yourself. :)
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