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It's nearly Christmas, folks!

How has another year nearly gone by again...  It's Christmas in a couple of days.  They say time speeds up when you pass 40 but i have to tell you it positively zooms when you pass 60!  It's Beatles song for me this year; 'Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when i'm 64?'  Can't hardly believe it myself.
Have to admit i don't really feel it, except the creaking old bones and the steady increase in pills i take each day... Apart from that, i'm still me and the same slightly off-the-wall twit i always was.  i was the child at 6 who looked at you with disdain and said, 'Santa/Father Christmas doesn't exist.  And no, i don't believe in the Easter Bunny either'.  i mean if he was running around in the jungle in Malaya, he'd have been eaten by our resident tiger...stands to reason.  What a precociously practical child i must have been.

Hello, that large bumblebee is still zooming around my windows this morning, in the winter sun.  She must be looking for food or somewhere to over-winter, but i thought they looked for holes in the ground for their young...?  i don't know the strange ways of bumblebees but it's been pretty cold out there this past week.

Boiled eggs & toast for breakfast this morning.  Been a long time since i had that.  You have to be in the mood for eggs, don't you?  Like kippers... i like them but not every day, or every week for that matter.  Maybe because they are such distinctive and strong flavours.  i mean i can eat a bacon & tomato sandwich anytime or even the wonderful US breakfast of pancakes, bacon & maple syrup - well, not every day
but close... :)
Has to be crispy bacon though, i hate the English half cooked sloppy bacon
. You MUST crisp the fat or it's horrid - and chewy! 
Breakfast can be a wonderful meal, especially when you are travelling.  i always say have a good breakfast and you won't need to worry about lunch.  The French do wonderful BIG cups of coffee and good croissants but they really don't 'do' breakfast like the English.  The Europeans go for cheese and slices of stuff like mortadella, salami and so on, more like lunch than breakfast - and don't get me started on Oriental ones!  It's fine, don't get me wrong, if you are used to rice or noodles at every meal but i'm not.
i always wanted to be a guest of one of those country house parties, where you had a wonderful range of goodies in warm chaffing dishes on a sideboard;  kidneys, kedgeree, sausages, bacon, well cooked tomatoes, omelettes and so on. 
*drools*  The sausages really were worth eating once, before commercialism filled them with too much meal and preservatives and frankly, removed the flavours. Raw tomatoes and the latest fad, baked beans really are not a traditional English and i apologise for the hotels who pretend they are.  It's cheap is what, like the flabby bacon; time and money saving.  Not what might be the nicest for the guest - gods forbid you actually ask them what they want!  The cheap B&B's go from bad to worse in the major cities and now, the not-so-cheap ones.   The more up-market ones occasionally try for more but it's that AWFUL black pudding, a weird version of fried bread and yes, more flabby bacon!

i've got in a pork roast for Christmas - remind me to take it out of the freezer tonight!  And i'll cook the crackling separately again or it never works for me.  Roast tatties, carrots, peas and gravy, that'll do me.  *note to self - buy some tatties before Saturday!*
What would i do with a whole turkey?  Even a miniature would be too much, though they do a 'crown' now but they ain't cheap.  i have a small chicken roast in there too, for New Year, which should be good.
That's the problem when you live on your own, too much left over if you have a 'normal' roast or bird.  Ordinarily, i tend to buy a cooked chicken, strip the meat off and keep it in the fridge, eating it in various ways over the next few days in main meals, sandwiches & salads.  i can do a really small beef roast for a couple of days but that's about it.  Doing a good gravy can be a problem and i miss my Mum's Yorkshire pudding - i always told her i'd have to give up eating it when she died, as nobody made it as good as she did; and how right i was.  She used to laugh and say is that the only reason you'll miss me?  And i'd kid her, what else?!  She was a superb cook that's for sure and i miss a lot of her meals - but i'd eat stale bread for the rest of my life, just for another day with her & Dad - i'll cook!

Mustn't get maudlin again - that's the problem with Christmas etc for me.  You remember what was and good or bad, you miss the people.  *smiles at little Christmas tree*  Wasn't going to have one again this year but i saw some narrow based ones that would fit in my little place and the fibre-optics sealed the deal.  It's very beautiful... :D

Just another hour of daylight to go, it's ten past three pm... but as Rosie pointed out, we've just got to the Winter Solstice and days will start getting longer again now.  It's that that is boring, the lack of light and some endlessly grey days.  i don't mind how cold it gets if i get some sunlight in-between the rain/snow or whatever.  We haven't peaked with the cold yet though, i predict.  But for those who really don't like it, let's hope it stays mild, eh?
If i don't post again before - have a super Christmas and a spine-tingly good New Year!  Health, happiness and good times for all!

p.s.  These have to be the best photos [by Sky but the last one from GraySunrise] from the Christmas with James do...  which reminds me, i haven't done a report, have i?  *slaps hand*  Will rectify soon.


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Dec. 22nd, 2011 09:35 pm (UTC)
Luv your post, fabulous photos and you would never believe you're now in you're sixties! I've got one more year in my fifties, I just dunno where the time goes! Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year. xxoo
Dec. 23rd, 2011 06:02 pm (UTC)
Thank you, sweetie!
And yes, it all goes by SO fast.
Hope you have a terrific time!
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