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Can't believe i didn't post about this here!
So sorry.  i've added it in here as there are still 5 hours to go.  UK bidder don't have to worry but i've had to add any overseas bidders by hand, due to EBay playing silly buggers...  Lots more pictures with the link.

Just 10 hours to go to the end of the Caprica Jacket auction! If you are thinking of making a bid, now is the time. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity - James only wore two jackets in the series. The total currently stands at £261.00 [US$405?] - that's passed my reserve and i'm well pleased with it - But if you want it, JUMP, GUYS!
And just added on my Facebook page
Five hours to go and we've just passed £300.00!! Woo Hoo! And i've just added in a coupla more bidders! i'm getting excited now... :)
Himber post the link officially on James' FB page about 4.30pm my time - bit late but he emailed and apologised.


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Dec. 23rd, 2011 07:56 pm (UTC)
It is a really cool jacket!
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