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Water Aid donation

i've just posted this on Facebook
During and since the auction for James' jacket closed, i have been doing quite a bit of research on water aid and was in a bit of a quandary just who i would give the money to. 'WellBoring' replied to my email saying 'Farmers may benefit from the work we do, but that is a by product of the primary benefit of providing sustainable water supplies for schools and connected communities.' Which is all well and good [no pun intended] but not far reaching enough or really what i wanted. i will still send them some money but on reflection i'm going with 'WaterAid' who DO cover what i intended. i now have a regular donation set up for 'Water Aid' and 'Just a Drop', separate from the big donation. *sighs with relief* i feel better now.
Thanks to all of you who participated and those who sent good wishes and encouragement. ♥