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Wednesday, 4th Jan 2012

Well, got my hair cut yesterday and had about 2" cut off - what a difference.  My hair is thick and heavy and no, i'm not complaining.  i just need to keep it under control or it runs rampant like a weed!  
Today - same as yesterday - i was woken up by Parcel Post before 8am.  Fast asleep of course, and still dark.  Good morning, he said.  Is it? i replied and he laughed.  Today, different one, shoved three parcels lumped together with those big red rubber bands into my hands and took off at speed.  i wished the rapidly vanishing form 'Happy New Year' but i doubt he heard me... :)  i went back to bed.
And at nearly 8.30pm tonight, doorbell goes and a courier wants my sig on a parcel!  You're late, i said and he agreed rather glumly.  Wished him HNY too.  That's about as late as i've ever had one...   They're clearing the backlog of course, kinda like a log-jam!  Poor man, it wet, windy and cold.
Stay warm, people..