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Rambling thoughts on a grey gloomy day...

Have you ever thought about your life in relation to others? Why you and why now? Why is your life the way it is and not Angelina Jolie's or one of those incredibly busy business women, who run magazines or complex businesses?  i rather like those people who are sure they have lived before and claim to be Cleopatra or Boudicca in a previous life.  To my eternal delight, they never claim to have been a priestess in a temple or some farmers wife in Outer Mongolia or a camp follower in Genghis Khan's army.  All of which would sound exotic to you or me, but obviously aren't enough for them.  And yes, some of the Reincarnated do believe they have been such people or someone who had her throat cut when marauders hit their village in the dim distant.  You frequently find she's always had problems with her throat or felt it was a delicate or precious area and is very protective of it.

i've always wondered why i was born now, not sometime in the past or even the future.  True, there have been some momentous changes since i was born.  Mostly in the technology around us, not so much in social things, which isn't surprising when you consider how slowly society changes globally.  That is pretty much our biggest problem, of course, it's all superficial.  We desperately need real social change.

But i have seen things that even 100 years ago had you predicted them, you would have been gently escorted to a quiet room to 'rest'.  Computers - just in themselves - going from occupying large rooms to desk-tops swallowing typewriters as they went, the Internet & mobile phones.  The last went from those big  chunky pieces that looked more like big walkie-talkies, to credit card sizes and almost as thin.  My current one is 5.8cm x 11cm [about 2.5" x  4.5"] and you pretty much need a licence to drive it!  Then we have solar panels and satellites and all the incredible things we take for granted nowadays - even leaving out men walking on the Moon!
But when i was born in 1947, no such things were in common usage.  Oh television had been invented but if you wanted to watch the Coronation in 1953, unless you were rich or lucky enough to buy one, you had to go watch at a neighbour's.  i was fascinated by it and always rushed to watch my grandparents' when we were on leave.  i didn't see colour TV until i was at a friend's house in New Zealand in the late 60's - wonderful stuff! 
When i was growing up, during the day you were at school or at work and in the evening you read books or played games or cards for entertainment and occasionally went to the cinema. Or you made your own fun, whatever it was, if you had a hobby.  i did quite a lot of embroidery, which wasn't always voluntary as we were taught it at school and had to 'do a bit' for homework!  Where we were, there were no pubs, although later there were private clubs where you could go for a drink, talk to whomever was there or play snooker or billiards or cards, if you were near enough to a large town or city [which we weren't always] - not as children however.  As an adolescent and teenager, i was lucky if i saw 30-40 films a year but thanks to Mum being as avid a fan, i did.  i used to keep lists of what i'd seen and you could always tell which year was the one where we'd had leave.  When i was old enough to be able to go on my own, i went to as many as i could.  Even when i left home, i was still a huge film fan and it wasn't unusual for me to see up to 100 films a year - 10 years later, i'd seen pretty much every one that came up on TV!  But i digress...

i would have loved to have lived back in the time of the great expansions, the exploration of new countries, particularly the Americas. Or even earlier with the spread of the tribes. 
*sighs* Pretty much everything has been explored, that doesn't require specialist equipment, Bear Grylls or vast amounts of money... Pity.
Or in the future, when travel among the stars is possible and yes, even transporters.  i think it would be a slow/quick dance, with a spaceship taking trans-mats to planets, probably taking many years to get there and as soon as everything had been set up, the new settlers arrive with all the equipment to colonise - on agreeable or deserted planets, of course!  i don't do 'colonisation by conquest'!
How wonderful that would be!  i would sell my soul to be part of a real Star Trek....
C'mon, guys, haven't you invented warp drive yet???