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Are you ready for the latest making-money-for-the-Olympics scam?  The Olympic website are urging ticket holders to book Special Games Train tickets, available NOW, before the normal 12 week pre-booking time.  
Only snag is you CANNOT BUY a Return Ticket and would have to buy two SINGLES - thus paying twice the price!  Normally on my Senior Railcard, i would pay around £14 for a Return - this means i would have to pay just over £27.00 simply for the privilege of booking NOW, rather than wait until April.
i checked with one of the phone operators in case i'd missed something - no, i hadn't. This is just another way of trying to part us from our cash by creating a mythical bottleneck - 'beat the Others to a ticket' - these people are seriously GREEDY.  And if lots of people do book now, so what? It's hardly likely come April they'll be saying to people, "Sorry, no trains available"? You're not selling dresses for heavens sake. They are already planning to put on extra trains for heavens sake!
IF they try pulling the 'book-early-or-you-may-not-get-a-seat' trick - worse yet, if i can't buy a Return in April? - if that happens, people, i'm joining the lynch mob!!

*i've really got to stop foaming at the mouth, it must be bad for me!*