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Monday, 6th February 2012

Urrrrgh....  loathe Mondays, even when not working.  *brightens up*  i'll show you what my gardens look like... As you can see, still snowing in some of the shots; a good foot deep in places in front garden.  Less in back.

same shot without flash.  Snow has a light, a glow all of it's own and as you can see, you could walk out there without a torch - take your umbrella!  Next day, you can see how it drifted.  *That word always makes me think of the late great Mae West - 'i used to be Snow White but i drifted'*

My Italian neighbours having great fun building this snowman.  They gave him a scarf & gloves on sticks but i wasn't fast enough to get a shot of that but he looked great!
No snow since then and it's all slowly melting now, very slowly as i haven't seen the sun yet.  Prediction is that it will freeze overnight and could be nasty...  Fine, i hadn't planned on going out anyway as my meeting tonight is cancelled due to the weather. Don't know if you can see how deep it is in places.  One of my neighbours came down and shoveled the path clear and mine as well, nice man.  Cat sitting on my wall watching me take pictures of the snow, even when i was within touching distance, very brave... :)

Sewing week, this week - promise!  i've got so much, including taking up hems on jeans etc, i simply am running out of space to put things.  Dreadful prevaricating woman!
Have a great week, all