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Friday, 10th February 2012

We had another snowfall last night but nowhere near the big one before.  Enough to coat the bushes but not make big drifts again and even though we've actually had some sunshine today [wow], it has loosened the snow off the trees & fences but not the big stuff that hasn't melted yet.  Only problem is, the snow has now frozen and crunches underfoot.

Needless to say, i'm not going out in this unless i have to, as i did yesterday and the day before.  Weds, i had to go my dentist and get a crown stuck back in, then pick up my pills on the way home, along with a few odds & ends of shopping.  i had a small blanket tucked round my legs, it was so cold.  i realised i'd missed off the metformin when i got home and made a quick dash down to the doctors to stuff my prescription request through the letterbox [as they'd closed].   Yesterday after lunch, i rang to make sure it had been done and went to pick it up and take it to the chemist straight away, as i'd run out at lunchtime.  It was double-glove-and-still-cold-fingers cold, so i grabbed newspapers, eggs & satsumas before beetling swiftly back home again.

i didn't know it had snowed until this morning and only saw it when i knotted the lace curtain for extra daylight to get on with my sewing.  i'm actually doing my sewing!  i've done a couple of repairs, cut a single flannelette sheet in half to make a couple of long sarongs [bought it cheap in the sales] and hemmed a cotton band/scar, more of that to come....  And finally, the thrice-accursed curtains! Pics are the curtain materials. The blue crysanths material is a lot more shiny than it looks and is surprisingly heavy, about twice that of the poppy/cornflower one.

Have a brilliant weekend, mateys


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Feb. 11th, 2012 05:10 pm (UTC)
Hi Jill! I miss you and the James events. Been waiting for the surgery to straighten up my wrist. Got transferred to another handsurgery unit and finally I got a date for the operation, February 29. I hope they don't change it now... And then we'll see if that's all. Might need another operation later, some cartilage/ligaments might be torn. But that's later, if at all!
So I'll be on sickleave for a couple of months. Boring!
I saw that James will attend some convention in Paris in October, let's hope he'll do something in UK too, right?
So, you have moved, again? I couldn't see the photos of your new home on my computer. Don't know why. I guess you have to post some new ones, now with new curtains and all ;0)

Hope to see you on some coming James event. I really miss those. And snapping pics of James! Before he gets old and wrinkly. And when my hand is fixed and in working order I definitely deserve a new camera. There's this Nikon D800. I'm drooling already...
Feb. 13th, 2012 12:36 am (UTC)
Hi, sweetie!! How lovely to hear from you!
i'll cross my fingers for the end of the month - will you have someone let us know how the surgery goes, please?
i have sent you messages from time to time and hope you got them. i knew you had wrist problems and didn't expect replies, just to let you know you were much missed.
How i wish you could have been there last December; you would have loved seeing Steve having the paper bits dropped on his head. i laughed so much, my pictures were rubbish! Rosie and Jean have been struggling to take up your photo-mantle and doing pretty well; but they aren't you.
i've been here just over a year now and shamed myself into getting on with the curtains as the cotton ones i had up, just weren't keeping out the cold, or keeping in the warm, whichever you prefer! The blue chrysanthemums material is quite thick and didn't need lining, so i've gone with that first. i'll do the poppy/cornflower ones after.
Ginger is coming over the first week of the Olympics - did you apply for any tickets? i've been so disappointed with the distribution of tickets or rather the lack of them; it's appalling. They seem more interested in making as much money as they can, almost at the expense of the Games - you can't get a ticket for a whole day, or even half a day, but three hours or so if you are lucky. Won't that be disturbing to the athletes to see the audience constantly revolving like a bloody door??
Thousands have been bought by business for prizes to promote their companies and many thousands more went to overseas agencies, so that far too many Britons will not be able to go to their own Olympics. i'm sickened to my soul about it all. i applied for gymnastics, diving & swimming but only managed to get ones for preliminary women's diving and women's volleyball [as there wasn't much later choice in the second round] - and Ginger has managed to get an archery one but she wasn't sure if it was for disabled. Still we are much luckier than most, who got none at all. We are determined to enjoy ourselves anyway.
i don't think i can make the Paris convention as it is held in a centre away from hotels, though there are some in the area. Mobility is a problem for me now.
i'll send you some photos of my flat later btw, when i've finished the lounge curtains.
Gotta go, it's getting late and i have to be up for my grocery delivery tomorrow morning, before i go pick up my new glasses.
Take care, babe xxx

Feb. 17th, 2012 10:50 am (UTC)
I thought I was the only one wearing double gloves this winter. :) Looking forward to pix of the flat.
Feb. 18th, 2012 01:51 pm (UTC)
It's been cold enough for triple gloves, if you could actually move your fingers with that much on them! i've even bought some knee high boots this year [my wellies though great, weight half a ton!].

i was sure i'd put photos up when i moved in, but obviously that was in my head... which is getting stranger every day! But i will soon as i have now done the lounge curtains.

It's very untidy in here as i've moved my little drop-leaf table near to the door to make the most of the light while i sew - when there is some! So the sofa is across the other side of the room and covered in my sewing gear. i live a perpetual state of untidiness anyway, so it doesn't bother me much but i do need to keep it tidy.

It's been so grey and gloomy with only the occasional day of sunshine, that i have to put the lights on during the day to read and see properly, rather than sit in a crepuscular dream!

Stay well, petal!

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