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It's 25th February 2012...

It's chilly again today... So, another week has sped by and considering how little i've done, i find that curious.
i did have a busy day on Tuesday, and not much scheduled for the rest of the week.  i've often wondered why that is, that so many Tuesdays are chockablock.

Anyhow, i had a Green Inspector's meeting at 11am and there were so many apologies sent, there were only three of us there!  Not a problem and we cracked on and even with a bit of chat, were out of there in about an hour, good-oh!  i had a prescription request to drop off and a bit of shopping, so i appreciated the fine and sunny day.  i was going to see Port Isaac's Fisherman's Friends in the evening, so i booked myself in for some dinner across the street at Jamie's Italian - they're getting to recognise me now as i work my way through the menu!  i had a bit of a wait for my main, which made me a fraction late - had i known there was a girl singer on before them, i wouldn't have hurried. Lucy Ward was unknown to me, not a surprise as i'm not an habituee of folk clubs anymore.  Still she was very good and showed great mettle opening with an acapella song.  i met her briefly and she said it actually settles her to sing that first.  Pretty brave, i say.

Truth be told i haven't been to a folk club in thirty-odd years and apart from the Cambridge Folk Festival last year, haven't really been 'into it'.  CFF do invite other people and my attention had been drawn when they invited one of my favourite singers, k d lang, in 2009?  i hadn't been able to go, which grieved me and i missed Natalie Merchant too but i did go last year and enjoyed it very much.  PIFF came and it was the first time i'd seen them onstage.  They are magnificent and i had no intention of missing them when they came back to Cambridge on their concert tour this year.  The guys came out and signed CDs, of which they had some for sale too.  i managed to find one that didn't duplicate too much the songs i already had and they all signed it for me.  Lovely lot and no airs and graces.

The rest of the week would bore you spitless, so onto today.  i've got a ticket to see Cole Stacey tonight - when i say got a ticket, i don't have anything in my hand having done the booking online.  i'm assured i'm on the list however, and 'just turn up and tell us who you are'... i know it's only £6 but Folkies are pretty relaxed, huh...  i've not seen him in person but listened to some songs online and he sounds pretty good.  My mate Chris, the photographer, has been in his corner for a while now and highly recommends him.  Let's hope it isn't too cold out tonight as it pretty close and i'm intending trundling up on my scooter.

Ok, for those that missed my original pics of my flat, i'm putting some here and the new curtains!
Take care, maties!

There's a second wardrobe, just like this one, on the other side of the window.  You can't see the fifth bookcase at the foot of the bed but it's there!  That's DVDs on the shelves next to the computer and CDs by the door to the garden.  And a huge cupboard in the hallway where i keep my dryer and all the odds & sods.  :D


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Feb. 25th, 2012 07:38 pm (UTC)
It looks like a nice sunny flat with lots of light :)
Feb. 26th, 2012 06:29 pm (UTC)
It's pretty good and the garden is looking a lot better now [see my reply to Ulla]. i could see the potential when i came to look at it, as it's a good size. That was my main worry when i moved from the studio flat, that the bedroom would be claustrophobic. So i was glad to find this. It's always a balance between enough space and being able to clean it properly, with the arthritis and all... :D
Feb. 26th, 2012 01:07 am (UTC)
Looks like a nice sunny flat. Great to have access to the garden like that.
Feb. 26th, 2012 06:24 pm (UTC)
I get some sun from noon-ish to late afternoon - a lot more than it used to since they cut down the dead tree and two huge conifers back there! We still are blocked by an enormous sycamore in the next garden but the guy cut some of the lower branches when they took out the trees. That helps a lot and i had them do a really big pruning session too, so the back garden is looking good now, not a lot left to do.
Unfortunately the flats face south and i'm on the very end of the block, so light is very limited at the front. That doesn't matter much as the kitchen and bathroom are that side. I'm still trying to get the front fully paved, a long drawn out process. Fingers crossed, one day!
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