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Ides of March, baby!

The actual Ides of March, beware!  i had to look up ides, dunno why but it looked wrong...  It wasn't of course but there's no accounting for stray thought.

My icon today is to celebrate seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, sewing-wise.  I've now done one set of curtains [2/3 that is!], numerous clothing repairs, edge-hemmed three saris [had to iron-on-magic-tape them first to stop fraying, as very delicate]; they make wonderfully colourful window or door drapes or just pretty wall hangings, three winter sarongs and a fourth in the pining-stage.  i've got a pair of jeans to shorten but i'll have to do that by hand, unless i remember how to take the plate off the bed of the sewing machine [i have a table-top, old mini Singer that belonged to my Mum].  That makes it just the sewing-bit wide and a leg will fit round it.  i've also a t-shirt neck repair, which will also be hand-done, and then just about last, the second set of curtains for summer.

i've been thinking [careful!] about all the things we made at school for embroidery classes - would have been much more practical to teach us how to use a damn sewing machine!  But we had to be ladies, didn't we?  So silly and the last lingering remnant of an old age...  Anyway, i made numerous tea-cloths [for tea tables, like tablecloths but smaller, not for kitchen use] and try-cloths, until i got tired of it all and decided to do a matching set of table runner, table mats and napkins in a mock-Willow Pattern with a half Greek Key border.  Not sure what happened to all of them as they have disappeared in the mists of time but Mum kept the table set at least.  In the pictures, you can see my Singer and the table runner folded in half, the six place mats & napkins - how neat i was!  All drawn-thread hemmed, by me as well...  i did this before i left school at 16, so it must be 48 years old? at least.  In another 12 years, they will qualify as antiques!
Can't find much else.  i do still have a couple of kits
[they give you the pattern & cloth and you sew it] to make in cross stitch; the only one that is thread-determined and not freehand - mine is awful as i'm not tidy in freehand - and my French knots are appalling!  :D 

If i survive all that machine sewing, i've got some materials to make into clothes!  Several dresses and a brocade jacket...  Hmmm... lol, we'll see.  i never have time to be bored!
Well, must get on - have some dreaded housework to do...  maybe tomorrow!


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Mar. 15th, 2012 06:33 pm (UTC)
Those are great. I like the first photo - it looks like an arty greeting card! It's a shame kids aren't taught how to sew or cook proper food IMO. Its not taught by parents any more so how are they going to learn how to sew on a button etc!!
Mar. 16th, 2012 04:20 pm (UTC)
oh thank you!
It is a shame but i have to blame my generation really, who either never bothered to learn or rebelled against what they saw as domestic drudgery. i was always keen to learn cooking from my Ma, who turned out to be a damn good cook. It took her a while i'm told, some of her early baking efforts were 'interesting' shall we say!
She did also teach me the rudiments of hand sewing and darning [i can still darn a sock, not that i bother anymore as it's cheaper just to buy a new pair]along with machine sewing, and washing & ironing too.
i do think every child should should be taught the basics as their parents will not be there to look after them forever. i have seen the rise of the junk food and package prepared dinners. They sadly are filled with fattening things as well as a whole slew of preservatives, chemicals and the like - seriously, if people knew what was in them... like some of the sausages and patties - let us just say, they wouldn't touch them again! My rule is simple. i only eat what i can identify, unless it comes from a trusted and reliable source.
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