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i subscribe to a couple of fashion sites and whilst i don't wear any of it, i like to keep up and see what is good and what is being foisted on the unsuspecting public!  Coming under the latter heading, i really must make some comments as in the 'What The Hell Were You Thinking' section...
First up, just a hooker wants to display her wares, the next looks like a train wreck of two outfits, the third looks like she's tied two jackets over her hips, the next two have good fabrics but the most dowdy hats from the Thirties [and why would you wear trousers under your skirt?] which makes the whole outfit so out of date as to be ridiculous - the final one is either the March of the Tribbles or she's being eaten alive by glossy rats!!


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Apr. 7th, 2012 10:21 pm (UTC)
Oh these are hilarious! I don't really follow fashion, except that I enjoy 'Project Runway' (competition for clothing designers being tortured w/having to make fashion forward wearable outfits out of bizarre materials in a short amount of time), and 'Fashion Police' (Joan Rivers commenting on what celebrities wear in public, usually on the Red Carpet).

I remember in the 1960s there were a lot of 'topless' outfits, which were (seemingly) put out more to shock, since almost no one wore them....
This first outfit is really ugly (which overwhelms the shock value IMO): the gray material is really unflattering, making her skin look unhealthy... coupled with her extremely thin figure it looks kind of corpse like. Really ugly (I don't think a hooker dressed like that would attract any customers, unless they are necrophiliacs).

The rest of the outfits are also ugly/silly... certainly not even flattering on the models... Maybe Lady Gaga could make them work. LOL
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