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Friday, 4th May 2012

Friday...  It's been a varied week, weather-wise, hasn't it?  After days of grey, Monday shocked the hell out of us by being SUNNY!  Didn't last of course - this is England!  It didn't rain again until yesterday but it was unrelentingly grey and dull.  Wind's been quite gusty, then it drops and then starts up again - who'd be a weatherman?  It rain stairods yesterday when i was getting my hair cut!  My hairdresser came out with a towel and dried my scooter seat, when i'd whooshed as much of the puddle as possible, sweet lady.  It's curious that it never sustains the intensity for very long, just settles into a steady lighter rain, before tailing off into a drizzle that can last the rest of the day or not...  Here, we have at least two levels of cloud, the bottom most dumps the deluge and passes faster than the higher ones, which sometimes rarely seem to move at all - for days!  Must check out the weather map tonight.
It so dominates our lives that it's a sure-fire conversation starter, even with total strangers.  Is it the same in other countries?  Not in the hotter areas of the world, but in our temperate band, i mean.  It is only monsoon rain in the tropical areas and whenever it feels like it in rainforest areas it seems.
So i went to meetings, dodging the showers and moving through occasional light rain.  i missed most of the heavy stuff, like yesterday, which was nice.  i did my little shoppings, went to the Post Office [can you believe First Class post has gone up to 60p??!!] and out to vote in local elections yesterday.  Over the past week, i've been absolutely inundated with leaflets & fliers, people knocking on my door and even had someone ring me up in the early evening to ask if i'd voted!!  And most of them from just one party - enough already!
i've voted - and even though it's none of your damn business, it was for your party!  *shakes head*  Talk about overkill!
i celebrated A REFUND FROM THE INLAND REVENUE, with a dinner at Jamie's - mushroom fritti and some excellent ravioli, with meat for a change, and a rocket & radicchio salad, with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.  They do so much vegetarian ravioli, i rarely have any. This was lovely, even if it didn't have a tomato sauce.  They put fine bread crumbs on top you can barely see but which give a super little crunch and very tasty.  i even had dessert, warm chocolate brownie with a scoop of ice cream.  i had a Rossini [prosecco with red berries] to start and a latte to finish.
It's not all been roses, as my shoulder has been giving me the screaming abdabs all week.  i'm not sure what i did to it, pulling a muscle or just a combination of that and the arthritis kicking in.  Either way i've been in aching agony that never seems to let up.  If i stop moving completely, it will dull down to a nagging ache and providing i don't lie down on that side, i can eventually get off to sleep.
i woke this morning thinking, oh that's nice, no pain.  Then i moved.  Scrub that, it's still with me.  Being very sore over my left shoulder-blade means i can't reach it to rub or massage in any way.  i'm reduced to pushing against the chair backs and trying to find a comfortable way to hold my arm, the upper arm of which eventually aches almost as much as my back....  *heavy sigh*  i try to favour my arm as much as i can but i'm not sure it's doing much good.  If i'm in the same state on Monday, i think i'll go down to the Doctors' surgery and see if i can get to see someone that day.  The thought of the whole weekend in the same endless pain-filled state is appalling... that is the problem, it doesn't let up, it's relentless...  i've seen grown men cry for less!  It hasn't broken me down that far yet but it may not be far away... :(
i didn't actually get out of bed and get dressed until well after noon, i so didn't want to move much.  i got out briefly to make a protein shake to cover my pills around 9am but went back to bed and slept 11am-ish? [i didn't get off to sleep until after 3am]. Then i lay in bed reading until it was time for more pills and some lunch.  i'm not terrifically hungry, so it was scrambled eggs and toast.  Which i didn't finish.

i'm on a curry kick at the moment, which i may or may not have sated.  i had some chicken curry from one of our many curry places last night and stupidly didn't specify what kind, just medium.  So i wound up with a rather bland and mediocre curry, rather disappointing.  *sighs again*  If all life's problems were so petty, eh?
Thousands in Africa and India, even China, would swap with me without a second thought, i'm sure...

Nearly 4pm...  Going to stop and go read now.  Ignoring housework and the growing pile of dishes in the sink, slovenly wench...  Have a good weekend!

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