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Donna Summer dead at 63

Donna Summer, the queen of disco is dead - Blimey, she's nearly two years younger than me....
She must have been a wealthy woman as it was all you heard in the 80's.  Gotta say, i wasn't a fan though.

Went for my regular blood tests this morning - cholesterol, liver, kidneys, thyroid, blood sugars on the diabetes and whatever else takes their fancy.  They let me know if anything changes or is wrong, so no news is good news.  It takes a little while to get all the meds working with each other; touch wood, all good so far.
Still getting fitted for this new bridge-work at my dentist, not right yet.  Gums taking time to heal and when you have sensitive skin, bleeding gums is not a sign of dental trouble but that you need to use less pressure with your soft, sensitive toothbrush!

i bought shoes & slippers in the mid-year sales.  Won't need any more shoes for the foreseeable future; in fact i had a cull to throw out some old ones and a couple i simply don't wear.  Same with clothes and apart from me unmentionables, it will be several years before i need any more.  Mind you, i have more bras than i'll wear, so may cull those soon.  Did get some nice new t-shirts but if i buy one more, it'll have to go in a suitcase under the bed!  Chest of drawers is FULL.  A lot of my clothes last a long time and the same for towels & sheets.  i had a sheet/pillowcase top-up last year and towels earlier last month, so i'm good to go.   i guess you could call this my spring/summer spring-cleaning.  Now all i have to do is a sort out of personal paperwork and throw out stuff i don't need over 3 years old.

i'm preparing for visitors with this clean-up, clear-up, i guess.  Nothing motivates a girl more than having people stay, does it?  June-July-August is going to be a busy time for me...

Gotta go, it's after 7pm and i need to think about a light dinner.  i had a late lunch of a large chicken salad, so not very hungry.  Must have something to cover my meds.  i'll think of something...



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May. 19th, 2012 12:59 am (UTC)
I'm afraid I could never stand Disco music at all, so pretty much I shut my ears throughout most of the 70s and 80s.... (now the 1960s I LOVED! LOL)

I got rid of a lot of clothes in my last two moves (some things that I wish I had held onto for costume makings!), so my closet isn't very full now days....
but I still have more than I actually wear.

It can be fun doing some Spring cleaning, at least I hope you are finding it fun!
May. 19th, 2012 04:10 pm (UTC)
i never liked disco music either, especially being in the middle of a large gay community in Sydney who took it seriously to their heart in the 80's!
i find this kind of spring cleaning curiously liberating and yes, i have big chuck-outs every time i move. i may do some more later, i have way more clothes than i need.
*Why is the 'i' a repeating key??* Seriously annoyiiing.
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