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And it's Thursday 31st, last day of May 2012...  *peers outside*  Cloudy, grey and gusty, not very inviting.  i was going to go out with my camera today.  Note the past tense...  Anyway, i 'stuff' to do; a couple of emails to write, some sewing to do, tidy up more of the lounge [my side/coffee table is groaning] and mop the kitchen floor [getting sticky!].  My life is SO exciting!

i thought i'd share some pictures with you that caught my eye, some amazing thiings - why does 'i' repeat like that?? Mind you, most of the letters do, annoyingly.  But if i don't hold the key hard enough, i wind up with xctng thiings.... :)
So, the masks are by Tom & Jill Banwell and i've finished up with some of Irishman Harry Clarke's wonderful stained glass - could you imagine all that colour streaming into your room?  Breathtaking.

That's it for today.  i'll keep on trying to wear-in my new bridge...ugh.


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May. 31st, 2012 10:32 pm (UTC)
I love these pictures... the masks are cool, but those shoes are spectacular! LOL

I thought I had failed in my quest to go to Comic Con... but I managed to get tickets to Thursday and Sunday this morning (Joss always speaks on Saturday, so I'll miss out on that, but he is usually around for the sing-along on Sunday). I'm so excited, I had to tell someone who knows how much fun conventions are! Now I want to find someplace that isn't too expensive that is near the beach....
because it is silly to be in Calif in July and not go to the beach.

BTW we are having a cold and wet Thursday too, but I don't mind the last day of May being rainy.
Good luck w/your new bridge.

Jun. 1st, 2012 12:29 pm (UTC)
Hi sweetie!
Those shoes were knockout, weren't they! i find so many sellers with fascinating and great items on Etsy. i adored that grey dress with the lace-over.
i'm glad you managed to get tickets - which Comic Con? There are loads around now. Not like back even 10 years when you'd have to scrat around for one. i find going to Cons difficult now [general lack of seating and long waiting times and longer queues], and if i don't take my wheelchair, i'd be properly scuppered! Also as you can't smoke indoors now, it is frustrating to find that the person you want to talk to might be disappearing on a regular basis! You'll find them outside, either sweating or freezing in the name of their addiction; meaning you have to freeze and sweat too. So the enjoyment of seeing friends is tempered by the bad bits.
Most of James' Cons here are down in one of the Heathrow hotels and you need accommodation & travel money, on top of the annoyance for many of having to travel quite a distance to get there. London might be handy for JMLive but rarely for us.
i only have to travel from Cambridge [about an hour by train] but the getting around London can be a real pain. If i go by train, i tend to try to travel by Tube [not easy with a w'chair!] or if i've enough cash, jump in a taxi and say 'take me there'. But at Heathrow, i can't do that. i wind up taking a National Express bus [which does at least take me directly to the Airport but takes over 3 hours] and still have a trek to the local bus & hotels.
i haven't booked for James later this year so far as unless a LOT of the girls will be there, it will be the same old, same old autos/photos/Q&As and my enthusiasm for James really has dwindled to very little as he does very little that's new. Sad but true. The specific James-only events are better as he does try something new occasionally.
Jun. 1st, 2012 01:47 pm (UTC)
Well, I'll confess that I realized a long time ago that I loved the character (Spike) more than the actor.... James did a brilliant job w/Spike but nothing he has done since then has moved me (and I have been following him to different shows... I thought Jane Espenson's Terminator prequel show, Caprica, would be a good character for him, but the show was cancelled too soon).

And at the same time I realized that Joss was creating a lot of stuff that moved me... so I ended up more of a Whedon fan than a Marsters fan.

(It doesn't help that the one time I saw Ghost of the Robot play JM was REALLY drunk and creepy... it is hard for me to unsee that.... )

I did get a chance to meet Joss once: got 3 autographs, a photo with him, and a big hug.... but I don't think anything will ever top all that so I haven't been putting myself out there to meet him again. In fact I'm kind of afraid if try to hard to keep seeing him that I'll just kind of tarnish the pleasure of that meeting. But that probably sounds silly, huh?

The problem with San Diego Comic Con is that it is the hugest convention in the world... over 150,000 people are there... the lines are incredibly long, and even though the convention hall is humungous, you still end up fighting those crowds and waiting for hours to get to go anywhere and do anything! All the networks and movie studios in the US have taken over the biggest days of the convention to promote their shows/movies/actors.... But of course that is all Friday and Saturday, and I don't have tickets for those two days! LOL

But it is pretty much the only convention Joss Whedon shows up at.

So my big problem now is deciding if I'm driving across country (pretty much 6 days each way because it is 2,000 miles) which is expensive and time consuming, but I can bring all my toys.... Or if I should fly (which is actually more sensible, but I can't bring much with me... AND I can't bring much back with me! sigh).
Jun. 1st, 2012 10:54 pm (UTC)
I hope I wasn't too rude about JM/GotR... James performance as Spike will always remain my very favorite thing about Buffy!
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