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Sitting here filthy & unwashed but i have a load in the washing machine and i've just finished booking our travel tickets for the Olympics - yay!  Everything is double or triple price, mind you.. bastards... You can't buy return train tickets; they're all singles, which means you are paying normal return prices each way.. bastards... Yes, and the National Express is jumping on the band wagon too. i don't mind them so much as at least they are dropping you as close to the Olympic venues as they can - but i pity their drivers. Road traffic is going to be horrendous and if they make the scheduled times, i'll take my hat off to them.
This isn't really the Olympic Games, it's a new thing called Let's-See-How-Much-Money-We-Can-Squeeze-Out-Of-The-Public-To-Line-Our-Own-Pockets. Like charging £200 for a 3* hotel room... Makes me think of the merchants & traders who get rich on wars. It's disgusting.
Those who have tickets for Olympic events do at least get a Travelcard for that day, so you can travel across London for free on the Tube & buses.  That's going to be a trick.  i'm expecting London to look like a Driver Ant multiple column attack or after disturbing one of those enormous termite mounds in South America... Awful thought.  We have managed to get three tickets between us and although i think that is perfectly dreadful given how short the times are, i suspect we will be glad to be out of it and watch the rest of it on TV.  i will be able to see more of the gymnastics i'm sure - didn't manage to get any of those sessions, artistic or rhythmic.  Those events were the ones i wanted to see most.  Guess TV will be better visually, if they cover them properly.  The rhythmic events are almost the last events. 
i did manage to get a diving session [which was my second choice], sadly only an early qualifying Womens Springboard, not any of the Mens events - which let's face it, would have gone first...  Yay, young Daley!  Got my fingers firmly crossed for him.  Did you see the pictures of him in the mags last weekend?  i can't find it at the moment but will post it when i do.   i will be glued for that!
Gotta go now 


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Jun. 16th, 2012 04:54 pm (UTC)
It will be terribly crowded, just try to leave plenty of time and go with the flow....
And I think you're right: after you attend a few events live you'll be delighted to stay home and enjoy the rest on television.

Please do post about it! I'm sure you'll have stories to tell!
Jun. 16th, 2012 10:27 pm (UTC)
Yes, i've allowed lots of time for following the salmon upstream... the coaches let us out near the venues, with heaps of time to spare. i'm taking my wheelchair with me, so i will have somewhere to sit in the inevitable queues, and inside the venues. Ginger will push me to the lines and in and out of the venues [she qualifies for free carer tickets that way]. i will be pretty much okay, i think, taking coaches for the first & last venues, with not huge distances to cover - fingers crossed!
We will take the train [for the middle event at Earls Court] & i will need her for traversing Kings Cross [it's exhausting trying to walk around there] but we can half-fold the 'chair on some the escalators and getting on & off the Tube. The Earls Court tube station is close to the Court if you go out the right side - i learned that to my cost last time!
It's a shame we can't take water into any of the venues - one, it's a hang over from the last security scares and two, they want you to buy from the concessions... oh well.
i'll try and take lots of photos [probably limited in the venues, if allowed at all] and will write heaps about it - probably bore you all to death!
Jun. 17th, 2012 07:17 am (UTC)
I think all this cashing in by London businesses is obscene. I also resent that my community charge has been taken away from my council and redirected to the Olympic build and cost of running it. So much so that our local services are suffering. Grrrr!
Jun. 17th, 2012 03:34 pm (UTC)
Really??? That's...that's...disgusting. Get yer placards out, girl! It's so hateful this obsession with greed. They've completely lost sight of what is supposed to happen and the true objective of the Games.
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