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A Very Happy Birthday, sweetie!
You will be at the Con on the day, so you probably won't see this until you get home at least.  But i do hope you have a wonderful day <3  i'm adding a pretty picture of one of my most favourite cities, Venice; just because!

i'm finally getting my new computer together and have had to get my IT Wiz to sort out the lack of sound.  My old speakers didn't fit the new pc, so i grabbed some little el cheapo speakers until i could find some reasonably priced nice ones - plugged them in, but no sound.  i did everything except stand on my head but could i get it sorted??  Could i hell.  Anyway after i rang IT Wiz and tried to explain, we said bring it down and i did.  There was something wrong with the sound card as it turned out, but he fixed it eventually.  i have sound now, which is great, but my Windows Media player is checking all the licences in my library - and refusing to play some items because it can't get through to the verification page or some rubbish... and some of them are CDs i've loaded on when i bought them!
Ah me, always something, isn't there?  :)

Much love as always,
Jill xxx


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Sep. 14th, 2012 11:33 pm (UTC)
Oh I love your photo of Venice (somewhere I've never been but would love to go...).

I know people who have had the same trouble w/iTunes: when they get a new computer their iTunes account doesn't transfer everything they've bought much less everything they've downloaded directly from CDs... it is very annoying to transition to new tech. sigh
Sep. 15th, 2012 10:38 am (UTC)
Everyone should go to Venice at least once in their lives - it truly is like a living museum and if you only spend your time going up & down the Grand Canal, count it time well spent!
It's the trying to keep and transfer the important bits to the new pc that takes the time and makes me swear!
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