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Ups & Downs

i don't like the proposed new version - did you see, you can't adjust the size of the textOtherwise it looks pretty much the same as far as i can tell.  So until they fix that, i'll stick with the old one.

It's been an odd week so far.  First on Monday, Char phoned from Alaska.  She hadn't phone for a while so we had a bit to catch up on.  She's managed to get a mobility scooter out of the insurance; the cheapest they could buy, mind you, cheap bastards.  Which means, it's supposedly not to be ridden in the rain!  Can you believe that?  She wouldn't be going very far in rain-dominated Juneau!  She will have to drape her rain mac over it as well.  i told her all about me & Ginger at the Olympics etc and time passed quickly. 
Then i had to go out for my doctor's appointment.  Had my annual diabetic review, having had the bloods done the week before and although i have to take another 1/2 pill in back-up of the metformin, the rest of the tests were positive and i'm doing well with the blood pressure and cholesterol.  My kidneys are working well and as she didn't mention my liver, i can assume all is well there too.  She reminded me to keep up the eye tests but i could tell her i'd had one in June by the official optometrist and i'd had my eye strength tested a couple of weeks back [fractional decrease, not worth correcting].  Unless something more marked occurs, i don't need to test again until next year.  i do monitor my eyes all the time anyway.
i went up to the Grafton Centre and bought some extra batteries at Argos, before going in for a milkshake at the Centre.  Millie's Cookies make ice cream milkshakes and are lovely.  They also do a card system, where after you've bought 4, you get the last one free [small size].  i drank that while i had a tool around and went into BHS - bought two t-shirts for £10, a nice grey/silver striped top and a large/long cotton navy scarf.  Too good to miss.  It was after 5pm by the time i left and picked up some chicken birriani, raita & a couple of poppadums for dinner.  Nice.

Tuesday - i went out to a regular meeting on council housing and environs.  i wanted to find out who i tell about my old place where there were 2 protected sycamore trees, beautiful big old trees.  Yes, you noticed i said 'were', the bastards contractors have demolished them along with the buildings.  i need to find out if they had permission and if so, who gave them that permission - both need a bloody hard slap and fines up the wazoo!  i got a name to send my complaint to, so job done.  i also wanted to voice my concern over the state of the drop-curbs on roads for disabled wheelchairs and mobility scooters.  It's pretty good in the City centre but the further out you go, the ropier it gets and the surfaces of the pavements & footpaths could use some help as well.  i got that into the minutes as we had a man from the Highways Dept in attendance.

Wednesday - i had agreed to do a morning's inspection of the current Void properties [we make sure they have been cleaned and made ready for the next occupant] on the following morning with Colin and made sure i was up in time.  He, however, was noticeably absent without letting me know.  This is the second time he's done this and as far as i'm concerned, three strikes and you're out.  He only had to pick up the phone - what, 2 minutes? - to avoid me having to leave a rather testy message on his ansaphone.  Last time, his old mother had a minor accident and broke a bone in her arm and he rushed off to her like she was dying!   He is getting to be pretty old himself, is a diabetic too and had a heart attack two years back.  i never know when he doesn't turn up if something has happened to him and i really won't put up with this again.   However getting up early gave me some extra time and i rang up and booked a ticket to see Alan Davies.  Then i decided to go out to look for a hat in the market and have some lunch out.  Actually, i fancied a hamburger - i don't remember when i last had one.  i beetled into town and duly had my Big Mac while sitting in the sun and people watching in the market.  Wind was quite cool, hence sitting in the sun and it reminded me that autumn is just about here.
i had a look round the market to see if there were any raffia hats - just for summer apparently, though there was the odd one, but not with a big enough brim and i really didn't like any of them anyway.  i consoled myself with buying some US cherries [almost too ripe but edible] and some excellent red grapes before going home.

Today Thursday, i had a lie-in which was nice.  Slow day, answered some emails and then cleaned my floor-standing fan in the bedroom.  Fans get very dusty and slightly greasy for some reason.  This hasn't helped me washing my hair though!  You know what it's like - quick breakfast and take your pills, which you eat while you check the emails.  Sort them out and it's so easy to get sidetracked - so you realise it's now lunch time and your next pills!  Check over the mail that has now arrived - Alan Davies' ticket and a couple of catalogues.  i get sent loads of catalogues for some reason, most of which go straight into the recycle bin.
i've sent a couple of emails re future appointments and checked Facebook/livejournal etc and hey!  It's now just after 5.30pm!  i took some chicken breasts out of the freezer in the am and will have them with some rice for dinner.  Cold rice, so not sure yet if i'm just heating it or making fried rice...  And i still haven't washed my hair!