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i’m posting this verbatim account of my latest run-in over trying to access my bill – not exactly a recommendation for 02, is it?  i’ve had this same online ‘conversation’ for 4? months running now... And not all of them were as nice as this person.  i’ve had impatient and rude ones too – usually men!  [my comments in red]

Mona: Hi I'm O2 - Mona. How can I help?

Mrs Crossley: Hi - every time i log in to view my bill, i have the same problem. it will not show my bill. it tells me "You'll need to use the username we gave you when you signed up. Not sure what this is?" But it doesn't help you find the original password because i am so far away from it, it doesn't work. i have to reset to a new password every time and i'm SO sick of this

Mona: I'll be happy to help you.

Mona: Is this for your mobile 07xxxxxxxx?  [i gathered from previous calls my old pay-as-you-go was still listed (and probably still is), despite saying several times the phone no longer exists, further confusing not-very-bright operatives]

Mrs Crossley: yes

Mona: Thanks.

Mona: Can I take the Username with which you’re trying to log in into your O2 account?

Mrs Crossley: it's my email addy xxx [used to be xxxx]

Mona: Thanks.

Mona: Can you tell me your full name as it is on your account?  [today’s top stupid question]

Mrs Crossley: oddly enough Jill Crossley

Mona: Thanks for the confirmation.

Mona: I'm sorry you're using and incorrect Username. This is why you aren't able to see your bill details.

Mona: Please sign-out from the webpage that you're signed-in.

Mona: Sign-in again with xxxx

Mrs Crossley: okay

Mrs Crossley: tried that but will do it again

Mona: Please try it again.

Mona: Please make sure that you're typing your Username and password (Don't copy paste it as it may add a space).

Mrs Crossley: it is now telling me to change to my email address!!

Mrs Crossley: which is what i did before

Mrs Crossley: i was quite happy with xxxx but could not get passed this page without changing it

Mona: I can understand your concern.

Mona: You can change your username into your prefered email address so that it'll be easy for you to remember. [unbelievable!]

Mrs Crossley: that is the problem with badly written computer programmes - it should have given a choice

Mrs Crossley: i did that already remember?

Mona: Okay

Mona: Give me a minute please.

Mrs Crossley: i didn't have any problem remembering xxxx either

Mona: I understand that it's easy for you to remember it. But we're now promoting all our customers to change to your preferred email address [been doing it for many months, not new] so that in future if you ever loose your phone or the phone is fault you can also reset the password and get it on your email address.  [okay, so you think we are all really stupid, huh?]

Mona: I can see that your email address is already linked to a portal (dummy account). So it won't allow you to change it as Username for your Pay Monthly account. [so following their instructions is crap]

Mona: But I can help you with a way to link it and then see your bills without any problem.

Mrs Crossley: what dummy account?

Mrs Crossley: yet another glitch in your computer programme?

Mona: A dummy account was created on your end which enables you to sign-in but it won't show your bill details.

Mrs Crossley: 'on your end'?? at your instigation you mean

Mrs Crossley: i didn't set up a new account, i simply followed the instructions given by your computer. You need to find out why it has set up this dummy account, don't you think?

Mona: I'm sorry for any inconvenience. There aren't any way for the portal account to be deleted from our end. Simply don't access it for 180 days and it'll be automatically  cancelled.  [SIX MONTHS?? why? And why can’t they change their own details?]

Mrs Crossley: So what do i use to access my account now?

Mona: You'll currently need to use the Username xxxx. But if it doesn't allow you to sign-in

Mrs Crossley: which password do i use, as the original one associated with this username doesn't work

Mona: Okay

Mona: Please wait.

Mona: I've just sent you a new password on your phone. Did you receive it?

Mrs Crossley: yes

Mona: Use the new password in Upper case.

Mrs Crossley: Got it - lets hope this is the last time i have to contact you over this 'eternal' problem, eh?

Mona: I understand how inconvenient this might have been for you. [might have been? what are you, a freakin’ lawyer??] Hope it works and continues the same.

Mrs Crossley: Quite so. Thank you for your help - i do try not to shoot the messenger but my good will wears out after several monthly attempts to mend this problem. Have a good week

Mona: Thanks. [and we said goodbye politely]

A ‘feedback’ questionnaire popped up as soon as i closed the window – one or two question on how happy, or not, i was with this communication, ending asking me if i had all the info i needed [hadn’t used it yet, hadn’t had time] and was likely to recommend 02 to a friend.  ARE YOU FREAKING NUTS???  NO!

Hope you are having a great weekend



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Nov. 25th, 2012 01:33 pm (UTC)
At least your entire phone call was just with one annoying person (the Mona you write of), I hate it when they keep passing me off to new unhelpful/dense people and I have to keep re-explaining everything from scratch.... I hope you blasted them in the 'feedback' questionnaire!

Get some rest today.... And I hope you manage to have no further problems w/you billings.

My satellite got all messed up while my brother was visiting, but when I called them the other morning it turns out that he had altered the 'guide' (on the remote you can change what channels I can see, and he screwed it up, without meaning to) so they were actually helpful (for the first time ever). I don't really like my satellite company (or my phone or my internet service). *sigh*
Nov. 25th, 2012 03:24 pm (UTC)
oh i know! i don't often get passed around on a 'live' online query, as they can read what has gone before, but it is so common on the telephone, i'm almost surprised when it DOESN'T happen! i get really pissed off when it happens, especially as you probably have had the usual runaround of multiple 'menus' before you actually get to speak to a real person! And you have to wonder why all the menus, when you still have to explain in detail when you finally get someone. At least this one was trying to be helpful, even if she was pretty condescending! A fatal flaw so many of these people fall prey to - i'm not stupid with computers, i just don't know how your's is programmed! And don't get me started on the phones and our local server [it is so crap]!!

My satellite is a little different to yours i think, as we have all the Sky channel packages on offer. You just pick which ones you want to pay for. i have a general package that covers all the terrestrial ones and a selection of their's, with the 2 Film channels added on and one that has a lot of the nature programs, cooking & home-style ones. i don't have the Sports channels [i do get a Eurosport one in one of the packages, so i can watch ice skating & gymnastics] or the HD ones. i can watch a big variety any time. i can set my remote with my Favourite channels and one button will show me what's on them [through an on-top banner], without having to change the channel. i can also set to record daily or weekly and it will keep recording the series if i want as well. That works well and will record 2 channels at once, even with the box turned off, but you can't watch a third too. You can watch something you have already recorded though. If i have a major clash of times, many of the channels have +1 hour back-up channel too, so i can set to record an hour later. Nifty, huh?
Nov. 25th, 2012 04:47 pm (UTC)
Oh my DVR works the same way (I can record two shows at once, but I cannot then watch a 3rd unless it is something already recorded onto my DVR... also many shows are repeated several times so I can find a later time to record anything I might miss). It is the only thing I love about my very expensive satellite (where they bundle channels together so that in order to get one station I want I have to pay for a bundle of dozens of channels I don't want). I'm paying a lot and getting hundreds of channels I don't need or want, but I can't do anything about it (cable is even more expensive).

I do love watching TV, even more than going to movies.
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