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Christmas Eve 2012

Took myself out to see 'Life of Pi' [2D] at 6.30pm tonight, figuring it would be pretty quiet and it was. i usually take my scooter but not sure of the weather and don't like going on it at night really. With my taxi vouchers, it's not out of the way to take taxis and hardly anything on the roads.  Only 20 people maybe in my cinema. You might have more in the 3D cinema, of course but i loath 3D.  This is Cineworld at the Leisure Centre and they have seven theatres, so they can afford to run both concurrently.  There was the usual load of boring advertising [about half an hour?] but the film was amazing.  For the visuals really as it's a very handsome picture and Richard Parker was a terrific CGI tiger - to say nothing of Meercat Island!  The film talked a lot about finding God or gods but moved on just before one started to fidget; which is more than i can say for the three tiny-brained yobos sitting almost at the foot of the screen, like kiddies.  They talked among themselves, showed their mobiles to each other, flashing irritating lights; one even draped his leg over the seat in front of him, with his foot sticking up in the air like he was six or seven.  If you shut your eyes, you wouldn't have known they were grown men... They belonged with the tinys for Saturday cartoons - do they do that any more?  i'm guessing not.
Anyway, what was interesting, if a little unnecessary i thought, was the alternate story Pi told at the end - i abandoned the book about a quarter of the way in, so i don't know if it followed the real story or not.  Have to say, i don't really care either, other than to say i preferred the animals.  If you haven't seen it, do - for the visual beauty alone.  It's rare that you could actually turn the sound off and still enjoy it [i did get a little weary of Pi shouting at the tiger].
i fancy going to see 'The Hobbit' on the big screen too - didn't do it for the Lord of the Rings trilogy - as New Zealand belongs on a big screen.  Having said that, there probably won't be the sweeping splendour in this one!  i'll let you know, there could be...  What i can't see is how Peter Jackson is going to split this little story into 3 films - LOTR yes, lots of story, lots of people
If i wait until next Thursday/Friday, i should hit a quiet pocket again. i like the Senior prices, only £6.20 after 5pm but i might go slightly earlier, maybe the 4pm show.
The Indian 'Moza', the all-you-can-eat next to the cinemas was still open - watching them eat Indian food in the movie made me forget about Chinese!  Very tasty and delish, but no chapattis :(  i enjoyed it anyway and @ £12.95 good value.  And it being quiet, not long to wait for taxis either.  So home for 10.30pm, a good night.  Catching up on the night's doings, listening to the Pasadena Roof Orchestra, sipping an advocat & diet lemonade.  Old 40s big band sound, nice...


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Dec. 25th, 2012 12:47 am (UTC)
I saw 'Life of Pi' a few weeks ago and I really loved it, I think it might be the best film I've seen in 2012. Ang Lee really did a beautiful job of the 3D (which I didn't find headache inducing... but I avoided Peter Jackson's 3D when I saw The Hobbit).

I'm not a big fan of 3D myself, so I can understand you disliking it. And I'm surprised that those obnoxious men/children weren't in the 3D screening (usually that is what all the children want!).
Dec. 25th, 2012 01:38 pm (UTC)
It's only just come out here. As for the idiots, it might have been just timing... Have a great day!
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