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MORE trouble with bloody Livejournal

It's taken me all day to actually log-in.  No idea what the bloody server is doing.  This system is supposed to be better, not worse.  Not to mention all the bloody spam, on old posts for some reason.  Mostly the drug related/medical kind from weird places.  It has taken three tries to add a comment on another F-List page
IF this keeps up, i may do away with LF completely, i'm so sick of it all. Add on the log-in crap and i keep saying why do i bother?? i only do it because some of the people i want to keep in touch with are on here.
So, dear F-List, where else are you posting?  Maybe i can move where you are...  Dreamwidth?


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Jan. 1st, 2013 01:20 am (UTC)
I do know one person who is on Dreamwidth, but I won't be going there (all my photos and icons are here! LOL)
It has been a bitch to try to use lj today, I had a terrible time trying to post today... but I did finally succeed. I assume that they will fix things eventually. I hope so, I hate change....

I hope you are having a lovely New Year's Eve, I'm supposed to go to a party in about an hour... but it is wicked cold outside and I don't want to have to heat up the car (and freeze my butt off doing it).
So I may end up staying in tonight (in fact I'm almost sure I will).
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