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Well, what a frustrating day or rather afternoon. i booked the matinee to see 'Kooza', the latest Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall today. All went well this morning, booked taxi last night, came on time.  Snafu at Cambridge station with the 12.30pm train not showing up on the main schedule board and finding out with 10 minutes to spare, it was 'over there' at Platform 7 [the new one that you have to cross the tracks to reach].  Then finding that it stopped at about 6 stops, instead of direct to Kings Cross.  Okay, not too much of a problem as we still got in 10-15 minutes before the actual 12.45 direct train.  You still have a two-day-march to Euston Road when you get there, if you want to catch a bus anywhere, which is a right cow.  But safely on the #10 and a clear, if slow run [takes half an hour or more to go down Oxford Street] to the Royal Albert.
Found the right door and stopped off at the shop to buy a 'Kooza' fridge magnet [little face-mask £5] and a rather nice double sheet of stickers [£4, nobody said they were cheap!] showing quite a lot of various show's characters, not just this one, before going in to find the door to my section of the Stalls.  This was about 2.45pm? Show started at 3.30pm.  Well, 3pm still waiting to go in, so i begged a seat [and got it]; 3.15pm, 3.20pm and i thought yes, running VERY late; will have to cancel the interval?  i could see technicians standing around in bunches through the curtain and nothing was happening.  Then the word came round at 3.30pm, show CANCELLED due to 'technical difficulties'. 
Well, i didn't expect that and there were a lot of very unhappy faces, let me tell you.  The stewards could only say, you will be contacted by your point of sale to re-book or get a refund; nothing they could do.  i guess it's better not to put anyone at risk, especially for these performers [they have the Russian wheels in this show].
On the bus, i sat next to a lady & her friend down from YORK for this show and there were people from Newcastle too, they said.  It's all very well re-booking or offering full ticket price refunds but what about the traveling expenses?  Even on a discounted fare, it would be £30-40 for those ladies and £17.12 on mine.  There was an email from the Cirque Box Office where i bought my ticket, waiting for me when i got home but no mention of any travel expenses refund.  i will ring the number given tomorrow and mention it but i'll bet you a pound to a penny, they're not offering any.
It was about 4.30pm by the time i got back to Kings Cross [and boy, hasn't it changed?? i barely recognised it and it's still not finished], so i was still within the Off-Peak hours and there was a train to Kings Lynn standing in at Platform 7.  Only 3 stops to Cambridge, so, perfect.  One of the passengers was disposed to chat and he was a nice feller who knows Cambridge well and lives just to the north.  Blind chap got the last of our set of four seats and i was fascinated by his braille book, wondering if it was a music score.  Mostly because he backtracked a lot and was humming quietly.  Is this possible - i guess it could be?
i decided to treat myself to a dinner at Jamie's, so the day wouldn't be a total waste and crossed my fingers that it wouldn't be booked out, being Friday.  It wasn't, thank heavens and several of the waiters came over and wished me Happy New Year, including one of my favourites, Norma. It was like going home to a warm welcoming friend. i got a new girl today, Guanita [half Portuguese, half English, born in Runnymede!] and very nice too.   i had a lovely dinner and a couple of glasses of a delicious Merlot and went home happy; who could ask for more from dinner?
Some pictures to round off the day..  Handcrafted chair, Maned Wolf [the largest canid which is neither wolf, dog or fox], a Puerto Rican ribbon-rooted tree, what i think is Oak Alley in Mississippi, a fascinating waterfall [must look up where it is] and a Marisa Redondo print.
293993_10151322771365238_88680849_n600265 The Maned Wolf is largest canid in South America. It is also the tallest in the world. Despite name, not dog, wolf, fox or coyote - Sean Craneribbon rooted tree in Costa RicaMississippi USA, OAk Alley maybe564963_4151329983293_2089260043_nMarisa Redondo 01
Have a wonderful weekend, peeps!


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Jan. 12th, 2013 01:29 am (UTC)
Oh how disappointing, I'm so sorry your show was cancelled at the last minute like that! You would think that they would realize that a lot of people not only traveled a long way, many probably stayed in a hotel (incurring even more cost so they could see the show). Probably there really was nothing they could do about it, but they should be better at this (I would think).

I'm glad you at least managed to have a nice dinner (I treated myself to a spectacular meal the other day... lobster! That is a treat I only give myself once or twice a year.... It is nice to have a special treat sometimes (I had had to travel to Iowa City to see a dermatologist specialist and I wanted to cheer myself up).

I hope you'll be able to see the show later.
Jan. 12th, 2013 11:25 am (UTC)
i'm going to ring Cirque later and see if i can re-book. But like i said i doubt they'll refund my train costs. i kept thinking of all the artists sitting behind the scenes, all made up and ready. It must be equally disappointing for them. i hope they all got paid anyway.

i LOVE lobster...Thermidor is my favourite but i'll take it pretty much the way it comes.:D

What did the skin-man have to say?
Jan. 12th, 2013 01:20 pm (UTC)
Well the new doctors wanted to reopen my scar so they could satisfied themselves that the old doctor had got all the cancer (an idea that appalled me, and I was almost regretting even seeing the new doctors! LOL), but they decided it looked good and they could wait... In the mean time they blasted a whole bunch of spots w/liquid nitrogen (the old doctor never did a full body exam, which is why I was keen to get in to see the new ones in the first place)....
I guess I need some doctory icons, huh?

I grew up w/live lobster (either boiled or steamed) as the biggest treat ever (this was in Massachusetts where they were relatively cheap to get).... Of course eating a whole lobster that was just killed for my pleasure appalls BOTH my animal rights AND my vegetarian friends!

Probably Cirque will probably have to schedule an extra performance to accommodate all the customers being re-scheduled, so the artists may even end up getting paid extra (in the long run)... I don't know if Cirque has a union, but I did accounting for Ford's Theatre for 3 years, and more than 8 performances in one week meant a BIG bump in pay for the actors & backstage guys. Even extra rehearsals meant a bigger pay check.
Jan. 13th, 2013 07:26 am (UTC)
Oh - how frustrating after all that travelling!
Jan. 13th, 2013 12:45 pm (UTC)
It was! i rang the Cirque Box Office last night and they took all the details. But when i said any matinee except next week, it seemed to throw the girl completely and she said she'd ring me back - and let me know about a refund of train ticket [£17]. Not that i hold any great hopes for that; it was simply the major part of my travel expences. i'm not trying to claim the taxis & bus fares as well [another £16 approx]. i'm guessing the bus fare as i paid on my Oyster card.
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