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Monday 14 January 2013

It's been snowing all day, except for a brief pause about midday when i took the garden shots. Stopped just now when i went to get my brolly off the porch.
Shots are of our back garden and Parker's Piece on my way home.  The cold killed my scooter battery, even though it was almost fully charged when i went out.  About half way down Mill Road, the power simply died and we crawled the rest of the way - and i literally had to push it into the Mews!  i've noticed this before, how the cold drains it, i mean.  It's very odd and not being a scientific person, i have no idea why it does this.  It also takes longer to charge it up.
It looks like it's raining, but it's snowing hard! Great big flakes... When the man threw a ball for the dog, it skidded passed it and had to cast about in the snow to find it, but it did eventually.  It's still cold and i actually have the heating on :D
Stay warm and healthy, people!


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Jan. 14th, 2013 08:55 pm (UTC)
we've got about the same amount of snow as you do... but it is way colder here... it is currently at our high for the day of 27 degrees F (-2 degrees C) and tonight it'll be 12 degrees F (-11 degrees C)

but at least the sun is shining! That's something.
But I won't be sad when Winter is over and Spring returns.
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