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Still snowing...

Seven o'clock; don't do much night-time photography.  It's been snowing steadily most of the day, but the light fine stuff or i'd have snow up to my armpits by now!
Think of this when you leave tomorrow...  It's making me smile now...
That rectangular shape on the bottom right is the concrete slab the bench used to sit on and takes snow last [you can see it is thinner there].  It took a while to know it was there, because when i came here two years ago [!!], it was covered over in a triffid patch that reached the bird table, and beyond.  Then i couldn't figure out who would want to sit and look down the garden in summer, with no shade, and too cold in winter.  Possibly why it isn't there any more!  It is under that tree on the right now and no, i didn't put it there.  i've just been to take the rubbish out and knocked the snow off my scooter cover and the tops of the bins.  It's sheltered there and is 4-5 inches thick but a lot less on the ground.  Take care tomorrow, people.  It's not going to be a good traveling week :(


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Jan. 20th, 2013 09:45 pm (UTC)
It is snowing like crazy right now here too... we expect to have about 2 inches, the real problem is that we are in for a really deep freeze. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 12 degrees F (brrrr).
But I don't have to leave the house tomorrow, and I don't plan to!
I do have to get my car scrapped off and thawed out on Tuesday morning for a dental appointment, but I'll give myself plenty of time to do that before I have to leave. Luckily I won't have a giant cock blocking my car (presumably).

I love the photos!
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