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A very happy day to you, petal!birthday_cakes_04


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Feb. 7th, 2013 04:07 pm (UTC)
Oh thank you! You are so sweet.... and why don't I know when your birthday is?!
I had a quiet day for my Bday: the friend who was going to bake me a cake got this terrible flu that is going around, so we decided to postpone cake day until she is less germy(!)
But I opened lots of gifts and responded to lots of email/online greetings....
It was a fun and quiet day...
although it was sobering to realize that Robin (Ethan Rayne on BtVS) Sach died just a few days ago, and he was a full year younger than me!
Feb. 7th, 2013 05:52 pm (UTC)
My birthday? prob'ly because i didn't tell you :D It's December 15th. Glad you had pressies etc, nice when people remember, isn't it?
i know what you mean about Robin, i'm nearly 4 years older than he was [being just shy of 62]. And Craig, Steve's partner was only 60; too horrid both so close together. i saw that Tony Head posted his sorrow about Robin on FB. i guess we just have to be happy we're soldiering on...even if we have reached an age when contemporaries do start to drop the perch.
i'm trying to concentrate on the happier stuff to balance it out. i have finally sold the sofa and the lady should be coming round to collect it tomorrow. i've also got the Gas Servicing man coming in the afternoon [annual boiler check-up, as it's a council property] - the closest time they can give you is am or pm basically, in my case 12.00-4.30 pm.
Did i tell you i finally got a re-book for the cancelled 'Kooza' matinee? That's Saturday 3.30pm; so i'm train booked and fingers crossed. Sunday i'm going to the local theatre for a one-night only talk/presentation by Michael Portillo [ex-politician, now tv presenter], which should be entertaining - which reminds me, i must book dinner.
Take care, petal!
Feb. 7th, 2013 06:26 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry I missed your Birthday last December! LOL
Yeah, I saw Tony Head's tweet about Robin Sach's death on twitter... it does start to seem like I've reached an age where people drop off for no good reason (early 60s does seem young to suddenly go like that)... but what can you do?

I'm glad your sofa sold, and even gladder that you have tickets to an upcoming performance of 'Kooza'! That will be awesome. And this Sunday getting to see Michael Portillo locally will be fun!

I have tickets in March to see the touring company of 'Book of Mormon' (a very funny Broadway show written by the guys who write South Park), and in July I'm going out to the East coast to attend the 3rd semi-annual North American Discworld Convention (Sir Terry plans to attend...) it is always huge fun. I hope to combine that trip w/getting to the beach and visiting friends in NYC....

It is important to always have fun stuff to look forward to!
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