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Kitchen gadgets meme

Kitchen Gadgets - Rules:

Bold the ones you have and use at least once a year, italicize the ones you have and don't use, strike through the ones you have had but got rid of.  Ignore the rest if you never had one.

pasta machines - never had one

breadmakers - do like bread made this way but mine comes out more like cake...

juicers - there's one for my processor if i need

deep fat fryers - Ma had one she used mainly for chips [she loved potatoes in any form] but if i want any [and i rarely do], i can do them in a frying pan

egg boilers - (what's that?) and what's wrong with a small pan?

melon ballers

sandwich makers - i do have one but haven't used it for a LONG time

pastry brush - i do actually have one, somewhere, but rarely bake. Use it for egg washes etc

cheese boards - use small wooden chopping board or a small tray if needed - love cheese...

cheese knives - i do have one but rarely remember to use it!

crepe makers - a what?

electric woks - no, just normal one

miniature salad spinners - neither miniature nor 'ordinary'

griddle pans - nope but i always think i should; maybe i'll get one oneday!

jam funnels - don't make jam but i do have a medium plastic one for bottles or whatever

pie funnels - is that the weird contraption people use to prop up the middle of their pies or let steam out??

meat thermometers

filleting knives - certain i have one somewhere, i have lots of knives

egg poachers - i've tried various over the years but only the paper funnel ones from Lakelands work for me

cake stands - never understand why anyone wants them; cut the damn cake and eat it on plates, mate!

garlic crushers - like the egg poachers, they rarely work for me, although i keep trying to find one

martini glasses - don't drink them at home and rarely in restaurants; they're expensive!

tea strainers - use them to strain my coffee, if i don't use the cafitiere & use a jug

bamboo steamers - rarely use

pizza stones - got a metal pizza tray with holes in it

coffee grinders - somewhere but more likely to grind spices in it!

milk frothers - a what?

piping bags

banana stands

fluted pastry wheels

tagine dishes

conical strainers - got two sieves and a colendar..

rice cookers - no, i never have understood why you’d need one [unless you simply can't cook]. i have a saucepan that is my designated rice pan that i use at least once a week. Did have girlfriend who used one for large amounts of rice and enabled her to attend to the rest of the meal and not bother about it, which is fair enough. *i think she never did get the real hang of cooking rice!*

steam cookers

pressure cookers - i do have friends who swear by them but i have a sneaky feeling i'd do myself a damage!

slow cooker - yes but don't use it as much since i retired [and it's pretty small]

spaetzle makers - huh? What is spaetzle?

cookie presses - do you mean cookie/biscuit cutters?

gravy strainers - can use a sieve if i need to

double boilers

sukiyaki stoves - stoves? Is this like the Korean pot that you cook your own meat in and make a soup at the end?

ice cream makers - yes and the freezing part is in my deep freeze, though i have yet to use it!

fondue sets - never did buy one. They were very popular in the 70's and i ate from one occasionally way back


home smokers

tempura sets,

tortilla presses

electric whisks - hand beater, aces for whipping stuff

cherry stoners

sugar thermometers

food processor (use all the time, especially to make home made breadcrumbs)

stand mixers, mincers - food processor will do this

bacon presser - what's with all these 'pressers'?

bacon slicers - no, they are HUGE! i get mine ready cut

mouli mills - that's the little grater that hand turns manually when you hold it firmly? Still have Mum's, mouli grater is what we called it

cake testers – like a skewer?

pestle-and-mortars - always fancied one but never bought as i don't crush stuff much

gratin dishes - i use the medium ones as bowls too, good to keep my Caesar salad together!

apple corers

mango stoners

sets of kebab skewers - have some bamboo ones left, i think

Potato ricer - have potato masher

Pineapple peeler and slicer

Lazy Susan - this is getting to be a familiar song 'somewhere'!

Soda Stream

Lemon zester

salt/pepper mills - for my black peppercorns mostly

Stove top espresso makers

Waffle irons - not real big on sweet stuff and don't have a lot of desserts

i have another meme on gadgets that aren't mentioned here.


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Feb. 17th, 2013 02:59 pm (UTC)
Well I won't be doing this meme because I am a terrible cook...
I used to use a melon baller a lot when I used to make fruit salad a lot (melon balls are so cute)...
AND I use a rice cooker, you are right, it is because I am not a good cook (but I make great shrimp curry)
Mostly I've just moved around a lot and have never really accumulated much kitchen stuff....

Edited at 2013-02-17 02:59 pm (UTC)
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