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Heigh ho... five days to go

Yes, i did get to be one of the lucky 130!! yahoo!
Had to laugh, Sue actually rang me to see if i was awake 'cos i've been known to sleep late'..  *hoots*  as if, on that day!  Can't believe how late they were, 10 minutes...  Wonder why that was... if i was to hazard a guess, it would not be a kind one.
You had to wonder how many people ordered multiple tickets but as i was only getting a single, it should have been faster?  who knows, they seem to be a law unto themselves - 4.44 minutes to sell out, wow!
It's been odd, spending considerable time on the phone & computer almost equally, trying to sort out 'normal' stuff, like new doctor, dentist etc [without a phone book - ordered and on its way].  Luck was with me on doctors, there is a surgery half a dozen steps down the road and yes, they will take me. 
Dentist took a lot more effort and the hassle of getting one that will take NHS patients is appalling - first one i rang, i got as far as saying i had just moved to Cambridge, when she interruped, snooty & snippy 'We don't take NHS patients' - i wouldn't have gone there after that, if i had been a private patient but she never let me get that far.
Found the website to research what i wanted and found one that shouldn't take TOO long to find, via the bus...  got an appointment for 30th January.  Yes, it does seem a long time but it is Christmas and they will all be on holiday till then.  So nurse this broken tooth a bit longer [luckily no nerve to annoy me].  Must check to see if i can get the needed crown for free as i will be out of work...
It would be nice if i was working by then, but cannot guarantee that and crowns are not cheap.
On a completely different topic, i have noticed just how bad the post is down here - mind you, the Christmas post won't be helping that either.  Sent a packet to Lynnie Monday, not there yet.
Made me smile when even the guy at the bank wished me a belated birthday on the 18th...  Birthday was an unremarkable day, completely forgot it was a Friday.  i treated myself to Ben&Jerry's icecream for dessert!
The boxes are reducing slowly, mostly because there is no storage here and i am wondering what i am going to do with my books.  Have to buy a couple of bookcases, i guess.  So they will stay in boxes till i sort that out. But taking my time, going through each one and throwing out half of what i find, is a curiously liberating experience.  The way my room looks at the moment [organised disaster!] is not the way it will finish up, as i plan to move the bed to a completely new positon and the computer desk as well but for now i need the whole wall to stack boxes against.  i still can't find the box with my computer programmes and deoderants in it though!!  i must have not looked closely enough, as it has to be one of the boxes that were in the hotel with me...  oh well, guess they will surface sometime!
i feel like i am not grounded yet, how to explain?  it is all still a bit surreal being here, so different to the hotel - i must try and find some more towels!  Oh, btw the washing machine here is an education...  It seems to run on two cups of water! Most washing machines you can see a full tub of water sloshing around?  Not this one... you put in the powder, set the programme and for ages nothing happens!  Then you HEAR water and the clothes get wet, just - but there is so little water in evidence i wasn't sure just how it was going to get the clothes clean.  Not even water COVERING the clothes. i stood there like a riggwelded sheep, watching my clobber being twirled one way, then the other.  One of my house mates said it gave her clean clothes, so i left it to its own devices.
When it had finished its cycle - 'rinse' appeared to be just as much a misnomer as the 'wash' bit! - they smelled ok and there wasn't any powder left on the clothes.  Ergo, it did the trick, just super odd.
No dryer but i believe there is a line somewhere? just not sure where.  i have a clothes rack doing duty in the bathroom now and long stuff on hangers, dangling in the bathroom doorway...
There is a little enclosed courtyard that my window faces onto, maybe we are mean to use that?  haven't been out there yet. It is too cold to hang anything out now anyway.  See how fascinating all this rubbish is??!!
Wednesdays & Fridays? are jobs in the paper days, zip tonight...  going to be kinda lean till after Christmas now.  Well, it will let me get more of these boxes sorted anyway...
i'm off to make some dinner and watch the last part of The House of Channel preparing for a show - riveting stuff!  Really!  But i think i'd have killed Karl Lagerfield by now...
later, loves


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Dec. 21st, 2006 09:12 am (UTC)
I hate the fact that although we all contribute to the National Health Service - finding an NHS dentist is getting to be impossible!!!! I don't have one anywhere near me, but fortunately my dentist will take my kids under the NHS, so at least their treatment is free (although they are sneaky and I have to pay for the hygenist!!). *sighs*

I really wish that the lottery money would be directly ploughed into the NHS (I think that's what Richard Branson was going to do had he won the bid?), at least we'd have some kind of service then /rant.

Good luck with the box sorting and job hunting!
Dec. 21st, 2006 12:35 pm (UTC)
i don't understand the desire to try and get rid of the NHS - which they can't do until all the people who have contributed most of their lives, have died. They are certainly trying to make it more and more difficult to obtain any benefit from it and this affects us all, not just people who are unemployed. Treatment is still free for those on benefit, thank heavens, but one has to wonder for how much longer. i do find it incredible that both dentists and doctors are running their practices like businesses now and there are so many 'do and don'ts' attached, unbelievable.
The conditions also change from one part of the country to another. For instance, down here in Cambridge, you cannot ring up for a repeat doctors' prescription, you have to POST in the script from your last one (with an SAE - why would you want it back?)! or take it in by hand (which you could NOT do if you were working) - How bizarre is that? And it then takes 48 hours to be processed! Fortunately there is a collection service available with a couple of local chemists - otherwise i guess that SAE is to send you the prescription... and with the postal system round here, it would take two/three days to arrive - First Class! *shakes head in disbelief* So it would take about a week to get it... This would not be tolerated in Yorkshire.
Have yet to see my new dentist, but due to see them on the 30th January.
Take care and thanks for the good wishes - still searching for that missing box...
Dec. 21st, 2006 10:49 am (UTC)
It's disgusting about the dentists. My dentist has now stopped all NHS treatment. Don't know what'll happen.....
Dec. 21st, 2006 12:38 pm (UTC)
So what happens now? are they demanding you pay for your treatments? or is this no more NEW patients?
Dec. 22nd, 2006 12:01 am (UTC)
I think we have to start paying soon! It's diabolical. :( I'm permanently skint!! :D
Dec. 23rd, 2006 11:22 am (UTC)
i think that is truly scandalous, especially if they can't/won't transfer you to a dentist that does do NHS....
What is the matter with these people??!! They get paid either way - what is the damn big deal?!!
i hate this attitude of getting NHS somehow makes you a less worthy person? NO!!
Hang in there, petal!
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 21st, 2006 06:26 pm (UTC)
It IS disgraceful, good word that, Chrispy! No conception of service or any other 'old-fashioned' things like honour or value-for-money!
i think our post is carrier-pigeon down here... swampy fen rats? Toad hoppers perhaps... *has little visual of toads with wicker baskets on their backs, snorts* Mind you that would probably be faster!
see YOU SOON- only five months to go... might have found some clothes by then *snorts again*
Dec. 22nd, 2006 04:58 am (UTC)
I'm clueless about your NHS, but it sounds confusing. Our system isn't that much better. Lucky for me, I actually work within the healthcare system in the US, so I understand it better than most. And that ain't sayin' much!

I did NOT get a ticket to JM's private to do. I was on vacation in Alaska at the time and had no internet access. I did buy a ticket for Collectormania and the club gig.

My only real complaint with JMLive is that they never give enough notice about tickets going on sale before they actually put them up for sale. I think they should give more time between announcing tickets and selling tickets. People need time to see if they can arrange vacation.. or just get back from vacation. *sigh*

I expect detailed reports from all those who got a ticket. If you hear of anyone who needs to sale there ticket for any reason, point them in my direction.
Dec. 23rd, 2006 11:33 am (UTC)
We don't understand all about the NHS either, they are a law unto themselves and specialise in double talk... typical Government!

If Susie can't make the Thursday gig, i will let her know you want the ticket...
And yes, i agree with you, JMLive do not give enough notice - that JM & Friends fiasco was the ultimate idiocy. People were having to buy tickets without being able to check if they could go, as no date details were given AND, which burns me a lot more - NO PRICES OF TICKETS BEFORE THE EVENT!!!! WHY? Do they think we won't pay if we know beforehand? It would help you prepare if your credit was on the low side, let you transfer funds etc...
take care, petal
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