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About LiveJournal meme

Wow, three memes in a day!

What are you reading?
Currently reading ‘Killed at the whim of a Hat’ by Colin Cotterill, ‘Fallingwater’ by Edgar J. Kaufmann [son of the original owners] and ‘Bitterblue’ by Kristin Cashore.  Yes, i know...but the last only spasmodically as it’s so thick & heavy!  Then i’ll get back to ‘A Dance with Dragons’ the latest in George Martin’s ‘Game of Thrones’ or rather ‘Fire & Ice’ series] – also a VERY weighty tome!!

What will you be reading next?
i've also got more Cotterill mysteries to read [another ‘Jimm Juree’, if I can get interested in the first one!], which i will be concentrating on, as they are library books.  But i have piles of books around the sitting room to read, literally!

What have you acquired this week?

Not this week, but i’ve just ordered the first 3 Cotterill ‘Dr Siri’ books, as i’d like to keep them and ‘Thirty Three Teeth’ doesn’t appear to be in my library, although they have quite a lot of them. I like Dr Siri but not sure about his second series with JJ...

How did you come to start your LJ?
I'm not really sure. I think it was through some friends

How did you find your first friends?
They were people I knew and I added more as more responded to my posts.

Are those first friends still on your FL?
Some of them. Usual sort of some loosing interest and some just falling away and leaving LJ

How long have you been on LJ?
Now that i'll have to look up... I went onto a permanent account in 2004 but I had an annual account for several years before I did that

Do you have more friends or communities on your FL?

Do you do a lot of friends cuts?
?? What does that mean?

What do you like in an LJ friend?
Someone who post fairly frequently and has something to say or share with us

What do you dislike in an LJ friend?
Someone who posts EVERY day and moans all the time or who can only talk on one subject

What would make you un-friend someone immediately?
I guess it would be someone who attacks me without cause or makes assumptions about me, without knowing who I am or what i'm really about. Someone who shows a side I really don't like, for some reason – they might turn out to be super critical and disagree with everything I say. A real turn-off and it's like Embers says, ‘I'm here for fun, not to be anyone's punching bag’.

Have you been caught up in a lot of LJ drama?
VERY occasionally – I had to defend myself a few years back as I was attacked on the More Than Spike open forum for something I didn't do.  Nasty, and by someone who had done the same once before. I did respond on the forum but all our comments were removed by the moderators. That person has been removed from the forum, as nobody is allowed to attack anyone personally – even me! But I rarely go there now. Many of the forum members read LJ, even if they didn't post here, so it was a good place to put my side of the story. The ramifications were so acrimonious and pervasive, they just about destroyed my enjoyment of James Marsters' events, organised by JMLive.

Do real-life friends and family members know you have a journal on LJ?

Yes, that is the reason I post here. I can only reach some friends this way.

Do you also have Facebook and if so, what do you prefer – LJ or FB?
Yes, and for the same reason, to reach friends & family who don't 'do' LJ. I do prefer LJ but link most of my posts into my FB page.

What about Twitter?
I have an account and follow some people there but rarely post. i don't have it on my mobile

Do you blog on any other sites?
I did and probably still have a couple, but hardly ever do now

How often do you check in on LJ?
Pretty much everyday, if I can and have time

What do you rarely or never post about?
I don't post about other people, unless it's to wish someone Happy Birthday or comment in a positive way to a friend's post or supply information they've asked for

Why don't you post about that?
It's not my place or inclination to judge what someone posts about – if I don't agree and can put my side pleasantly, I might, but not without being asked.

Have you ever thought about deleting your journal?
Oh yes, especially when the Russians threw a large spanner or was it a sickle? in the works and stopped everyone from posting or even from entering the site. We've had too many problems over the last few years and you have to ask yourself if it's really worth it. What stopped me were the friends I can only reach on here but i did refresh my Dreamwidth account.

Have you ever changed your username?
No, not here

Why did you choose your current username?
Lovejames? It was self explanatory if you were a James Marsters fan, 'specially back then

If you're looking for new friends, how do you find them?
Um, i'm not really. I pretty much only 'friend' people I know, same as Facebook. It's not a competition to see how many people follow you, any more than it is on Twitter – too childish for words!

Are you taking new people on to your Friends List just now?
No, see last question.

Finally, tell us the reasons why you keep an online journal.

I like communicating with friends,especially those I can't see every day for whatever reasons. Which are mostly because they live too far away or simply are overseas.


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Feb. 17th, 2013 03:15 pm (UTC)
"Do you do a lot of friends cuts?"
I think that question is asking if you ever use the filters provided (so that only certain friends can see your posts). I never do myself, but I know a few people who do it all the time (have private posts/close friends only when they bitch about work related stuff)

Yeah, all the worst online fights I've ever seen were JM related... I'm still a fan of his acting, but I got so I couldn't bear to be around 99% of his fans (did just the craziest continue to follow him around?)... and I got so I couldn't stand 'Ghost of the Robot'....
So of course the biggest fans all wanted me gone from his websites, and I obliged by leaving.

I still wish him well, and hope that he'll get some good roles. But I wish that for all of my BtVS actors (evidently SMG is making a pilot for a TV comedy w/Robin Williams... which I hope is funny, it sounds like it could be!).
Feb. 18th, 2013 01:01 pm (UTC)
Ah, is that it? No, i don't do that either; what's the point of posting otherwise?
Have you seen the latest pictures of the Grand Slam Con just gone? James' Q&A barely had anyone there - especially if you compare it to just a few years ago. The Faithful all come up with reasons, mostly that it was a Star Trek theme and Patrick Stewart was there and so on. Not sure if PS's Q&A was at exactly the same time but all that would mean was, only the real James fans would miss him. i made a comment on MTS about hoping the lack of numbers didn't upset James too much as it must have been a shock to the ego - and sat back waiting for the ducks jumping on a June bug! Apart from Jean [who would defend him to her last breath, the sweetie!], Becky was the main jumper, so far - there may be more by now, but i couldn't care less.
James really needs to do some more visible work, not audio [terrific though that is and i have just about everything he has ever recorded] or Ghost of the Robot stuff. Like you GOTR really isn't my thing. James may think they are the bees knees but are a very average little California band musically speaking. i'm sure there are many who are as good and probably better but who don't have an actor for a singer - not that that is a good thing, remember Keanu Reeves et al?
i do like James' acting a lot; when he's got a decent role, he's very good. i just wish for his sake, he'd do more. Apparently, he is still pricing himself way up high.

Your Valentine's card came today - it's BEAUTIFUL! A real work of art and i shall treasure it <3
Feb. 18th, 2013 06:00 pm (UTC)
Yeah, if I want to keep something even partially private then I don't want to put it on line at all... I don't trust a filter to keep things private!

Well, I would definitely like to see Patrick Stewart some day... although really I'd rather see him on stage in a play. I would rather see all actors on stage performing, instead of at conventions. And I prefer to see writers read from their own work at book signings.... Although Terry Pratchett's Discworld Conventions are definitely an exception (those are like entering his books in a way... so fun). I haven't been going to many conventions any more... but of course that is partly because of losing $ in investments!

I assumed it was just bad luck that JM wasn't getting more roles, is he charging a lot?
Feb. 19th, 2013 01:25 am (UTC)
i saw Patrick Stewart at the Voyager Con way back when and he was in a play in Leeds. He came over to auction off some stuff for his charity and waited until the end of Kate Mulgrew's Q&A to join her onstage - we gave him a rock star's welcome! i guess it must have been around 2001? i'm not sure but i think it might have been the first one i went to - at the old Norbreck Hotel before the 're-vamp'.
James has always charged a lot for his services, or rather Steve Himber did, but he must have agreed to it. It was like how he charged top-dollar for his autographs & photo-ops. Himber simply shrugged when i said this is a lot and said 'James is expensive' like it was the last word. i could understand them charging what the fans would pay as James never made any secret that he was in it for the money. i told Himber we were not only putting James' kids through collage but his as well! He laughed at that - and didn't correct me.
The last Con he did, someone asked why James wasn't listed as a Guest but as a - what do you call them - supplementary guest and the organiser said they couldn't afford him. The same way they charge a lot for guest starring.
What he needs is a good new tv series or a main-stream film with a bigger role than 'P.S. I Love You' but something to really bring him back into the public eye - or in another 5 years or so, nobody is going to remember him except as a fading has-been Con guest. Y'know what i mean? And for someone with a talent like James, that's a crying shame.
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