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'Kooza' and Michael Portillo

i don't think i posted this yet?? *Must be having senior moment*
'Kooza' and Michael Portillo - not as far apart as you'd think!
From the physical to the cerebral...
Last weekend, I went down to London to see 'Kooza', Cirque du Soleil's latest offering – finally!
I'd gone down previously in January; it's become my Christmas present to me. Problem was, when we were all assembled and waiting to go into the auditorium at the Royal Albert Hall [RAH], the time got closer and closer to starting and we were still waiting. We knew something was wrong and as time passed it became obvious if they did start so late, there wouldn't be time for an interval.
Eventually, the word came round, performance cancelled.
i was pretty annoyed but not as much as the people who had come down from York and Newcastle, even I heard later, from France! To spend all that money just to get there, to be told, sorry we have technical problems, it's all off. Luckily, this Saturday afternoon matinee went without a hitch.
I had seen some of the show on TV but there is nothing like actually being there. I'd heard some people thought there was too much emphasis on the humorous 'clown' fill-in bits but I can't say I was overly bothered, and I have the attention span of a gnat!
There are always a few really spectacular acts and this show had some fabulous ones. I loved the aerialists, who twirl around on ropes, looking light as feathers and making it seem effortless, the tumblers and acrobats, the contortionists with rubber limbs, the lady with the rings, the man on a unicycle balancing a woman around him, the pair who balanced with each other in almost slow motion, the high-wire guys balancing with bicycles & poles and the jaw-dropping pair who danced around in the whirling circles of the Wheel of Death – and on them, with no safety harnesses. They did have a net at the sides but frankly, i'm not sure they would have been any good if one had missed his footing and fallen. People around me were truly gasping and crying out at their antics, as was the whole audience; they were so daring. I almost pitied those who had to follow them, the act was so hair-raising! But they didn't try to equal it and I thought more of them for that.
I had no problems with the traffic, other than there was a lot of it but hey, it was Saturday. I grabbed a couple of croissants at the station and ate one on the train [it was ham & cheese but not warmed up much] and the other when I got home, so it covered the pills. I was home just about bang on 9pm.

The next night, I went to see Michael Portillo [one night only]. I had no idea what he would be like and so had no expectations but I was impressed both by his speaking style, with no ums & ahs but clear and word perfect [by which I mean we heard every word] and also that the first half of the programme was an interesting and informative 45 minute narrative, covering his time as an MP and his subsequent move to television presenting.
After the interval, Mr Portillo took questions from the audience and while there were questions on his TV programmes, it was mostly about his time as a politician and his views on the Government etc. To his eternal credit, he answered everything put to him and didn't try to whitewash or gloss over his term or his fellow politicians. I admired how he backed up a quote by naming who gave it and didn't judge or try to belittle his colleagues. He had a lot of close contact with those who are just names and faces on TV to most of us and what he had to say was always interesting. Needless to add but I enjoyed the evening very much.

My next outing was the complete opposite. The annual students' Footlights Review was a compilation of various student bodies but frankly, I really couldn't care less. I think I laughed once at a pretty weak joke. Maybe i'm too old for student 'humour' because if this representative of the modern era, it has completely bypassed me. The range of sketches differed only in length, ranging from a few seconds to several minutes but all were a complete non-entity to me. Oh, there was some laughter from the rest of the audience but even that was pretty scattered and it was difficult to applaud each sketch when they were so short. If this showcased future talents, I was seriously missing something. I stuck it out for an hour, then just left.

I'm booked to see Max Hastings [the journalist] later this month and the play 'Noises Off' in April, so they will be my next theatre outings; unless something comes up in-between.

i'm having a real Spring cleaning at the moment, rearranging DVDs & CDs now i have a bit more space, as i've just built two more bookcases for the bedroom and one CD-sized in the lounge. *flexes muscles* That's a laugh! i actually build them on the bed as i just couldn't manage on the floor. i do have more room as i sold my Clic-clack sofa and bought a recliner chair instead. It is amazing the difference it actually made.
Anyway, off to wash my hair now, so have a good week and take care.


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Mar. 2nd, 2013 04:31 pm (UTC)
Wow, Kooza looks spectacular! I'm glad you had a good time (I hope it made up for the disappointment of it being cancelled before). It is so nice to live near a city so you can go to so many diverse and interesting events. I'm afraid it always requires that I stay over night when I want to get to anything.

I'll be staying w/my brother in Chicago to see 'Book of Mormon' later this month, and I'm trying to arrange to stay w/friends in Madison, Wisconsin to see Joss Whedon's 'Much Ado About Nothing' in April (I'm hoping that Joss will come to the film festival for a Q&A).

Have a good weekend!
Mar. 2nd, 2013 05:28 pm (UTC)
Staying with friends or family is a double pleasure :D
i chose Cambridge for this reason, the closeness to London and the busyness of a University city. i shall look forward to your comments on your visits
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