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Wednesday Mixture

First rain at Uluru [Ayers Rock] for many years - yes, all those white stripes. Great Chair & table storage, cat who forgot door was open, great pyramid joke, a mind-blowing selection of Bonsai, a Tardis bathrobe [avilable in UK & USA, around £50] and the wonderful Cole Stacey with a couple of Faith guitars...
Kokufu Bonsai Ten 2013. For the 87th time!
Cole & Faith guitars


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Mar. 13th, 2013 05:26 pm (UTC)
Maribeth, i double posted [STUPID LJ!] and in trying to delete it, the thrice accursed LJ post it again! So was left with 3 of the same comments *swears nastily*
i eventually got them deleted - i think - but it also delete your comment too!! *swears again*

That bathrobe is tempting, isn't it? Ginger has one, but she's David Tennant crazy... :D
i've been doing things/work towards a couple of projects, but other than getting my Spring haircut yesterday and sorting out my birdtable this afternoon [froze my fingers off!], i've not done much or have much planned until next week. My dear friend Mark says he going to come over for lunch [day to be decided] and i'm theatre bound again on the following Sunday to see Max Hastings [journalist, author etc] with a girlfriend.
i did see you are gearing up for Chicago and i hope you have a splendid time.
*mucho smooches*
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