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More Monday pictures

damned LJ wiped my post again - having uploaded 8 photos!!  ************
try again...
My front & back garden; pretty branches, nicer than my garden; my friend Mark checking his emails [job hunting]; 2 shots of Brown's cafe, across the road from the FitzWilliam Museum; 2 pics of street art, love the teapots, so clever; puss-in-a-box; tomato-loving cat; i love these old printers' trays, set as doors in the cabinet; R2D2 squared and a view of the Red Sea [ever widening] from the International Space Station by Col Chris Hadfield.  Such a clever and generous man who's taken loads of photos and shared with us.

74442_625894377440019_2103891356_nThe Red Sea, changing and growing, from International Space Station 20 October 2012. Credit NASA


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Mar. 25th, 2013 10:40 pm (UTC)
Great photos! I adore the tiger in a box (such house cat behavior!), and the wall art of the giant girl is very cool.... I would worry that a strong wind would break all those wonderful tea pot flower pots(?), and I think R2D2 has fallen in love.

I sure hope Spring comes soon! The snow is pretty (and your garden is lovely) but I want my Spring flowers!
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