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load of useless information......

Yourself:  yeah... and?  what do you want to know?  that i'm gorgeous?
Your boyfriend/girlfriend (spouse):  not just now, thank you...  unless James is volunteering...
Your hair:  streaky as usual - longer than usual, needs a trim
Your mother:  lovely lady but no longer with us
Your father:  amazing man, ditto
Your Favorite Item:  computer?  pictures of James? 
Your dream last night:  don't remember
Your Favorite drink:  real cappucino coffee or a drink, drink?  that'd be Southern Comfort & Coke
Your Dream Car:   automatic, with four wheels & doors!  Not that fussy..  Honda Civic? Golf? Aston Martin?
The room you are in:  my bedsit
Your Ex:  in Canada
Your fear:   only death
What you want to be in 10 years?:  Filthy rich & living happily
Who you hung out with last night?:   Nobody
What You're Not?:  slim, tiny, redhead, beautiful or rich! 
Muffins:  fresh & chocolate
One of Your Wish List Items:  a serious kiss from James? - ok, i'll settle for a new computer monitor
Time:   11.49 am
The Last Thing You Did:   When? prop open the inner side door, waiting for delivery - door bells don't work! 
What You Are Wearing:  long dress, cardi & slippers
Your Favorite Weather:  Fine & cool
Your Favorite Book:  Mercy!  just one?  The entire collection of Saki or JD Robb's 'In Death' series or Charlaine Harris...
The Last Thing You Ate:   Bacon & Egg sandwich last night
Your Life:  like a merry-go-round, changes all the time..  quite cool, really...
Your Mood:   slightly irritated - somebody took my sign off the front door [for Amtrax delivery]
Your best friend:   Lynnie
What are you thinking about right now?:   wondering what i am going to have for lunch
Your car:  haven't got one
What are you doing at the moment?:    this...  daft question
Your summer:  not very exciting - no money to go anywhere
Your relationship status:   If you mean a man - no, not at the moment
What is on your TV?:   Switched off
What is the weather like?:  still grey and foggy
When is the last time you laughed?:  Yesterday

Gosh, wasn' t  that exciting?  *wanders off to find food*


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Dec. 24th, 2006 01:58 am (UTC)
Entertaining! :D I fear death also. :( How come you don't eat breakfast? It's good for you. ;)
Dec. 24th, 2006 01:04 pm (UTC)
Breakfast? Hell yeah...
i just hadn't eaten since the last night is all. i'd got up late and started messing about, you know how you do... usually it's cereal if i'm working but can range up to all kinds of stuff, depending on what time i get up. Today 'frinstance, just Cherrios - even tho i didn't actually get out of bed till around 11.30 [reading in bed! SUCH luxury!] and i didn't go to sleep much before 3am... i'm bad when i'm not working, i turn night into day. But when the days are grey and soooo short, it doesn't matter that much - specially when you don't have anywhere to go.
Have a great Solstice, babe!
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