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Saturday 13th April 2013

Saturday, well i didn't see a lot the daylight as i didn't get up until about noon... Sometimes i just seem to be a bit more tired than usual but i guess that's pretty much old age too.  i had the dreaded root extraction yesterday - *cue gaping hole in smile!* - and while the injections hurt, at least there's no more pain, until they wear off.  Yes, the surgery can be sore but so are the needle marks.  It's the healing-up that's bothersome.  Dr G [running a staggering 45 minutes late!] managed to extract the remains of my tooth *and crown* in its entirety this time.  Hooray!  Won't have to go the clinic to get the last bits out this time.  i was pleased with the new bridge; it not only fits pretty damn good with the roof of my mouth a much better match, but i've lost the big bump on the back of the crown [tooth was quite fragile, as this one has kept coming loose and needing to be glued back in for years now].  i feel i have more room which is a big plus, as i have a damn sensitive palate.
Dr G's a pretty average dentist, although i feel he's a bit lazy sometimes.  He doesn't always leave enough time for sorting any problem i might have and doing a temp job, even though he knows it can be something that he can't fix in the 10-minute slots he's so fond of - they all are, aren't they?  Which means i have to go back, of course.  And time is money.  i was the last patient yesterday, so the only 'hurry-up' was leaving for the weekend.

i'm posting some of my favourite animal shots today...  love the bird one particularly.   i was going to post more but LJ playing silly buggers again and limiting my photo upload


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Apr. 13th, 2013 08:53 pm (UTC)
Fun photos!
We've been enjoying the most beautiful Spring day: cool, sunny, and I bought & planted some bleeding heart & lilies of the valley (I hope they do well). It is supposed to start raining tonight, making tomorrow warm and wet....

I'm glad you got your teeth done. It really is good that have that stuff done & behind you.
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