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ok, it's finally Saturday 8th May

Hot damn, it took so long to get this far! 'Audience with James' ticket been booked since November, Forum gig tickets been booked since January? long time, guys!

So today i took meself off to Ripon to my favourite hairdresser and got me wig coloured and trimmed.. it grows so fast, i will need a quick trim before i have it coloured again for SanFrancisco. So that is 3rd July then the weekend before i go for that next colour job........ but for now, i look gorgeous [of course!] and i'm ready, baby! even though it cost me twice what it did last year, yeah, really. Not that i am being photographed with James yet, this is gig and Audience with James, Q&S & autographs for 600! they Q&A with GOTR and autographs - they are being coy and not saying how much that is going to be, so no idea how much money i need to take with me... Susie says it was cash only for merchandise at Coventry. if i take enough for a couple of the new EPs and a couple of Tour 2004 badges [for people who can't be there and will have to wait ages for it to hit the websites].

went and got some fast film for camera and i hope that will do, especially if i take my Digital too. Not promising anything but will try. i have promised a report on gig and Audience and that i will do.
Anyway, it went well and i have some 800ISO - decided against the 1600, what was the comment? grainy, the size of biscuit crumbs... well i guess its what you do with it... underexpose a couple of stops or do your best guess, it really is up to you but will do what i can.

Can't wait.... down on the train on Thursday and stay over, meet the girls off the trains Friday and late lunch, then tag-queuing for the Forum and gig - YAHOOO!! FINALLY....
bear with me, i'm excited...