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Monday 20th May, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ma!  She'd have been 89 but she left me in 1998.  Rarely a day goes by i don't think of her or am reminded of her in some way, and i will miss her the rest of my life.
i didn't post any pictures yesterday as i was embroiled in getting all the sold items ready to go, for my friend's Ebay stuff.  i'll be off out later to post them away.  So, i'm putting some here now.  An amazing staircase anyone would be proud to own, great Gleaners joke, henna tattoos [love them], completely wooden piano, fabulous pic of the fascinating Jason Issacs, beautiful balloons for a birthday bedroom, Venice from the air, two lynxes [dunno if they're siblings or exhausted after mating!], fantastic horse, cutlery trays for jewellery, Tracy Neuls [she of the spiked heel shoes] but these are really lovely, Iris Van Herpen having a laugh about fashion, Tracy Neuls' shop [table setting's a great idea], recycled wellies, Singer sewing machine base and cable spool table, and a wine-crate coffee table - don't you just love re-cycled and salvaged stuff??
Jason Issacs486890_507818632616948_758037208_n
935638_578725268814428_390981385_ncutlery traysdezeen_Tracey-Neuls-Designed-in-Hackney-Movie_11
dezeen_Tracey-Neuls-Designed-in-Hackney-Movie_13recycled wellies
Singer sewing machine base and old cable spool topwine crate coffee table


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May. 20th, 2013 03:33 pm (UTC)
Fab pix, I wouldn't have known that was Venice. I luv the 'time out for a fag' painting. :D
May. 20th, 2013 05:47 pm (UTC)
It is good (but also sad) to remember your Mum's birthday... {{hugs}}

I am also a big Jason Issacs fan (Luscious Malfoy is my favorite!), and I love LOVE the smoking break painting!
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