January 3rd, 2013

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It has taken two days since i was able to get into LJ at all, never mind posting or reading my Friends Page.
i was about to do a big Happy New Year thing that is now woefully past it's 'sell-by' date but i do wish you all a fabulous New Year, filled with all good things.

i have no idea what really happened here following the sale & take-over by the Russian mob.  They're saying it was malicious spam, yada yada yada that fouled up the system but that, if it's true, only serves to show how dreadfully inadequate their systems were/are and how ill prepared the takeover was.  Apparently it has been a slow recovery and was the Curate's Egg made real.  Some people jumped in quickly to say rather smugly in that pull-up-the-ladder way they eren't having any problems; well, bully for them.  WE were and this piecemeal, and painfully slow, recovery hasn't improved relations with Livejournal, nor made them very popular.  i hung in there, pounding on the gates in fury as no apparent effort was made to come to our aid.  Having a Permanent Account meant nothing in the server cock-up.  Our servers were fine, Livejournal's just stopped working.   Even when it started again, many were unable to post or leave comments and in my case, in the brief window on New Year's Day when i made a reply on a friend's post, preparatory to doing my own, it took several tries to connect and make my comment before it crashed completely.
i've tried every day, several times to no avail and today is the first connection i've had.  i'll be copying this before i try to post it!

i've taken a New Year meme from KazzyCee which i'll post as soon as i've finished it - it's a bit of a chew but i don't mind that.  Some of the questions are little odd but i'll let you see for yourselves!

As we are relatively back to normalacy in the real world, albeit not at full strength until next week, i'e taken time to book myself some seats at our local Theatre.  Best on the phone when you're booking disabled seats here as you can't actually do that online oddly enough.  So, i've now got a seat to see Michael Portillo on 10th February [one night only], an interesting man and i've enjoyed his train journeys TV show.  Second one, Cambridge Footlights Revue on 17th February, which i've never seen in person.  It's amazing how many well known comedians have come from this Revue over the years.  Finally, a matinee performance of 'Noises Off' on 11th April, which i've never seen all the way through or live.  The Old Vic company is putting this on and they've had a well-received run in London recently.  No cast has been announced yet but i'm sure whomever it will be, will be excellent.  It's a very funny play from what i've seen and i shall look forward to that.

i'll post again soon, gods willing!
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