January 24th, 2013

icyeyes by wild plums

Still snow around but not snowing today

Hasn't snowed so far today, though i'm told its due tomorrow and possible much higher temperatures over the weekend, with maybe some rain on Sunday. This was Tuesday - terrific 'frozen art statue'.  The second picture didn't come out as well as i'd hoped, that little white dot in the centre of the sky, is the moon.  As for those super keen types playing rugby, all i can say is that they must have asbestos knees!
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i zipped up to put in a prescription at the Drs surgery, post a parcel off to Inky and buy some eggs.  All of which i did and also went looking for more the Kenco Millicano coffee sachets; real coffee in instant form.  Didn't find any but the little local Tesco mini store was having a sale on Haagen Das icecream... got some pate [sorry no accents on my keyboard] and had it with toast for lunch when i got home.  :D
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