January 28th, 2013

waterfall with Lovejames, dhamphir

And it's Monday again... 28th January 2013

This is a round-up of photos/pictures that have caught my attention for one reason or another and they include some of the National Geographic candidates for the best of 2012.  Astonishing leopard attack, tigress shaking off water, the cloud of red-billed quealas going to drink with the elephant, love that peg! Encounter of the vulpine kind, wonderful use for test tubes and a sage comment from Calvin & Hobbs.  i was going to add more pics but LJ won't let me for some reason.
Guess which picture was the winner for Nat Geo?
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Dhamphir - ghostly face

Refusing to upload more pictures? Wat gives, mateys?

More photos?  No?  Why not?  What do you mean 'common error'?  Without telling me what this 'common error' is, of course.  Bloody LJ; trying to be selective now??
Honestly, sometimes i wonder just what is going on...  It has never set me a limit before.

So - it's been blowing quite a bit this afternoon and increased as the rain has now started to strong gusts - i sound like the poor benighted Met Office!  Coming in cold and yes, i've got the heating on.  Just till it warms up, then i switch it off.  What i like about the Council is the £25 Cold Weather payments when it drops to freezing in a week... Very handy and a great saving for us oldies.  We still have some deaths every year because it's cold.  It hardly bears thinking about in countries with no NHS or care for its ancients, which of course includes our US cousins.

Ah, door bell.  i have the plug in kind [got sick of battery powered ones], which i have in the lounge.  Nice courier man, Gary...  Just as well, i'd forgotten to put the cover on my scooter!

Stay warm, people!
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