January 29th, 2013

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Old mail

Question - what do you do when something that you [and the sender] were sure was lost in the post, turns up now?  A little over six weeks as this was was posted on - wait for it - 13th December, 2012, from ESSEX.  I'm looking at the envelope now and it has been stamped a second time with yesterday's date, 28th January [showing i presume that THEY, the local sorting office, haven't been holding on to it all this time].  Bit late, huh?!  
i let the sender know when it hadn't turned up by Christmas and in subsequent messages, he said the PO had told him quite a lot of stuff had gone astray in his area; don't know how much of his was affected.  He let me choose another item from his stock and this arrived pretty quickly, to the satisfaction of all.
I want to keep it obviously, so my question is this, do i offer to pay for it?  Bearing in mind, this is from a business and the sender will probably claimed costs through Royal Mail by now, such as they were.   i used to work for a mail-order company and we claimed losses on a monthly basis - it was a running joke with the Royal Mail representative who dealt with us, that the whole of our local mail sorting office must have had a complete set of most of the books we sold!
i'm inclined simply to forget it as the £2.49 [inc p&p] simply isn't worth getting my knickers in a knot for - rather than an item worth £10-20, or more, if you follow me.
Answers on a postcard please. :)
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