January 31st, 2013

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Book meme

i don't bloody believe it - i've just lost the same damn post TWICE!  Not only that but LJ is throwing a wobbly and keeps ignoring my instruction to add a name or word to the dictionary and wanting to spell-check it... AND i can't change the g***am icon!  This new version won't let me change the font or make it bigger, VERY annoying

This meme is a short one about what books you're reading - so useless if you don't read!  i'll do the longer LJ one shortly

1. What are you reading?
Currently reading ‘Anarchy & Old Dogs’ by Colin Cotterill, ‘Fallingwater’ by Edgar J. Kaufmann [son of the original owners] and ‘Bitterblue’ by Kristin Cashore.  Yes, i know...but the last only spasmodically as it’s so thick & heavy!   i've put a picture of the Fallingwater book below, which i got just under half price; bargain.
Then i’ll get back to ‘A Dance with Dragons’ the latest in George Martin’s ‘Game of Thrones’ or rather ‘Fire & Ice’ series] – also a VERY weighty tome!!

2. What will you be reading next?
i've also got more Cotterill mysteries to read [2 ‘Dr Siri’ and 2 ‘Jimm Juree’], which i will be concentrating on, as they are library books.  But i have piles of books around the sitting room to read, literally!

3. What have you acquired this week?

i’ve just ordered the first 3 Cotterill ‘Dr Siri’ books, as i’d like to keep them and ‘Thirty Three Teeth’ doesn’t appear to be in my library, although they have quite a lot of them.
p.s. i came back in to try and edit my post - it shows what i want to post, not what it is actually posting... bloody thing... but it IS now showing my icons!
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