February 8th, 2013

icyeyes by wild plums


You think you have problems with snow, being snowed in and ice on your car??  Think again! The first photo shows 20 meters in Hokaido, Japan
20 meters of snowfall in Hokkaido, Japan402917_10151077932066985_487442067_n
and you think your car has problems!Cetinje, Montenegro
waterfall with Lovejames, dhamphir

Friday 8th February 2013

So it's been a good Friday.  The Gas Servicing man came around 3.30pm-ish and checked over the boiler; they do it every year being a Council property.  All working fine, no problems.  Checked the meter etc, big smile and away he went.  i'd had word from my Sofa Buyer that she'd be here around 6.30pm and she wasn't far out.  Standing in Romsey Terrace, she couldn't see the Mews!  She rang me anyway and i guided her in.  Money changed hands and she & her bloke laid hold of the sofa and followed me into the garden.  Easiest way out and the way it came in, through the jitty or passage as they say down here.  Had to shift a couple of bicycles [which shouldn't have been there] but i'd seen them earlier in the day, so not a problem.  Out successfully and away they went.  i locked the gate and like an idiot, went back through the garden!  i'm so used to having the front door locked, i never thought about it... *dill brain!*
Mission accomplished and i've decided on a recliner chair or two, instead of the sofa.  You need a 3-seater if you're going to sleep on it and really, it's too big for in here.  Especially with the bookcases etc.  There was one that i thought looked just right and damn me, if it wasn't being sold here in Cambridge!  Sent a message to make sure it wasn't out in the wop-wops - almost, Trumpington! Seriously, it's near where we caught the bus to London for the Olympics, so it's do-able.  It's brand new, never been out of the box she says, so - touch wood - sounds perfect... And there doesn't appear to be a reserve, though there may be one i can't see.  i've bid a fairly small amount and we shall see what transpires.
i'm off to London tomorrow for the matinee of 'Kooza' - the one that was cancelled - train & taxi booked...
Have a great weekend, y'all!
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